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My Links Page

Oi, Gents and'll notice that I have made the linkspage a little easier to navigate, by adding pictures that serve as simple click, and relax. Some sites don't have a pic, 'cause of copy write!!! Enjoy none-the-less

  • Kenan's Back Packing Site

    This section has been inspired by my recent trip to SA, when I went back-packing along the famous Garden Route! It is small for now, but most things start off that way. There are some links to hostels, and the life saving Coast2Coast, anindependantly published book, naming most hostels, activites in that area, and give some down right good advice. More and more content will be added as it comes in and I am able to add it...Please be patient though!!


    For those of you who have visited this site when it first opened, should remember this site, which belongs to my friend and collegue at the internet cafe! It is full of wierd and wonderful stuff and is bound to make you laugh


    Now, you all know that I work at an internet cafe! But what do I get up to lost of the time? Well, I love to chat, and am now well and trully addicted to MSN. Give it a look, it also has all the latest new and that, along with a whole range of othe content, going into things such as spicing up your sex life...not that I need it!!! Have a squizz, maybe u like it, maybe you don't its up to you!


    Again, a truly South African site, but still worth the check, if you want to see what Port Elizabeths clubbing scene is like. Register, and you will be entitled to an email address, and may take advantage of SMSing your mates. Really handy to have, but I find that recently the site is lacking new material. None the less, a great site, and worth the look


    Ever wanted to learn to swear at that pesky foreign bloke in his own language...? I have and was never able to until I came across this real great site! It has just about every language from Manadrin too bloody well Arabic. So go ahead, and finally get your own back! I promise you will laugh your ass off!


    This is yet another great site, with a huge collection of pictures of all different types....guaranteed to keep most satisfied...I have had many a fun evening sitting and watching movies on this site....highly recommended!!!


    A site with many great videos as well as Flash shows, constantly taking the Micky out of Afghanistan and our friends in the White House but be warned, DON'T SUBSCRIBE to this site, unless you want to be bombarded by scores of junk have been warned!!

  • Snackstreet Boys : Fatbabe

    This well made rip off of the popular Backstreet Boys song, 'I want it that way', is bound to make u giggle, if not because of the lyrics, than simply because of the hilarious video....check it out!!!!

  • Fluff the Kitty Kat

    Now this is truly amazing. Ever wanted to wash the cat, but are worried about the neighbours, or even the SPCA? Well, worry no more, simply add soap, and sit back and enjoy...but, this is not for kids PLEASE!!!


    Why 5fm you ask. Well, any South African, except my mother, was raised to 5fm, and it is hard to match this unique radio station....and the music is good too. Makes one feel closer to home. So check it out, listen online, and then tell me if I was just imagining all this!!!

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