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Hi all, I have finally decided to add some new stuff to my website. I am back in London next week, so I will then again add some more stuff. For the time being, I added some pics from the holiday. You can find that under the holiday section. Also, in a few weeks, I'd like to add a section on backpacking, for those of you who care to look. Well, until next time, Chaio!!

I am getting SICK AND BLOODY tired of stupid questions. When you click the email me link, it will bring up the mail settings u have, either Hotmail, or MSOutlook, or for that matter any of the providers, so long as it is set as your default! So enter your password, and all that shit, and enter it as usual! And stop giving me grey bloody hairs!!
Thank you...MWAH!!!

Simply click the link of the page you want to view, sit back, and relax.