by Jinny W
September 2000

Summary: Short one, just some musing.

Disclaimer: Paramount's characters not mine etc...


When she finally came to him it was at the end of a routine day, after a routine month, travelling through an uneventful area of space. She didn't come to him needing comfort, or distraction, not even a release from stress - none of the scenarios he had imagined.

It was good, of course, much better than good actually, fabulous. Flesh, skin, her hand on his back, afterwards. That part he had imagined.

The first glimpse of skin as she pulled her soft grey shirt over her head. Her hair brushing his shoulders, the warmth of their legs touching as they lay still under the sheet. He would remember those things.

But afterwards . . . sometime during the artificial nighttime, she rolled over towards him.

"Do you think we left this too late?"

And then he didn't know what to say.


the end

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