Really Kathryn, or Afterwards II

by Jinny W
September 2000

Summary: This little adendum is for those unable to tolerate ambiguity. You know who you are :)

Disclaimer: Paramount owns them, more's the pity . . .


They lay side by side on their backs, staring at the dull grey ceiling, each lost in their own thoughts. Chakotay could still feel the warmth of her body where it had collected under the sheet. Her bare leg, the skin tickling against the hairs on his leg, her elbow grazing the skin on his ribs. She was breathing regularly but wasn't asleep.

He rolled over onto his left side, propping his head up on his elbow, content for the moment to watch her. Kathryn lay still, her hands resting on her stomach, her eyes gazing upwards.

How long have I been waiting for this? he wondered. How many nights have I spent lying awake in this bed, imagining how it must feel to caress her skin?

And now she was here with him. Part of him could hardly believe it. Still, there she was. Living, breathing proof that his imagination had not let him down on all those lonely nights. But this was not a dream, not fantasy. It was really Kathryn.

After a moment he reached over and ran the back of his index and middle fingers along her shoulder, tracing his knuckles down the smooth skin on her biceps to her forearm. As his fingers reached her wrist she turned her head slightly to meet his gaze.

Chakotay leaned in towards her face and pressed his lips against hers, sinking into the warmth of her mouth, letting his lips engulf hers. Kathryn responded immediately, kissing him deeply. He caressed the side of her face with his free hand, sliding his fingers back across her cheekbone to tangle into her hair.

An eternity later he pulled back, his eyes drifting across her inscrutable face. With a sigh he flopped over onto his back, letting his hand and arm slither down carelessly over her body.

How can you even question this? he thought. Instead, he merely said:

"No, Kathryn, I don't think so."


the end

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