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Based on a True Story...
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Old Stuff:

    I was born in Honolulu, Hawaii on April 10, 1976.  (Can you believe I was born in the same hospital as my wife, Liza, only the day AFTER she was born?)  I grew up in various parts of California and Washington State with my older brother Sean, younger brother Bryce and my little sister Jessica (now known as "Jessaca").  I met Liza in the 10th grade at Carson High School.  During my senior year I received a nomination to the Naval Academy and afterwards headed East to Annapolis.  I graduated from the Academy in 1998 and went on to Dive School in Panama City to qualify Submarine Diver in the Summer of 1998.  From there, six months at Nuclear Power School in Charleston, SC, six more months at Prototype in Ballston Spa, NY, then three months at Sub School in Groton, CT.

    While in Groton, I flew Liza up during Thanksgiving weekend and took her to New York City.  We stayed at the Casablanca Hotel, watched 'Chicago' on Broadway, and had dinner at One If By Land, Two If By Sea, a beautiful restaurant in the West Village.  There, on November 26, 1999, I surprised her with a diamond ring (brought out on a silver platter and on a bed of roses), knelt on one knee and asked her to be my wife.

    I reported to my first "real" command (a Ballistic Missile Nuclear Submarine, the "USS Alabama")  in January of 2000.  On April 4, 2000 I married my best friend, and on November 25, 2000 we had our "big" wedding (kind of small, but we liked it that way) at St. Lawrence Martyr and held our reception at the Gazella Restaurant in Long Beach, CA.

(Relatively) More Recent Stuff:

    Jordan Rain was born on September 24, 2001.  She was exactly ON TIME!  Ever since, she's brought nothing but joy and happiness not only to her father and mother, but to family and friends (and even strangers!) around her.  Check out her pictures here.

    I am currently stationed at the Naval Postgraduate School.  I am studying at the Graduate School of Business & Public Policy and working on my MBA in Financial Management.  

    Our second-born (boy or girl?  He/she wouldn't show us!) is due May 27, 2003.  We anxiously await his/her arrival . . .