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Welcome to Jed's home page!

(Newer stuff in red! Revised: 04/10/2003)

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About This Page
Welcome to my webpage!  I'm Jed Espiritu.  Get updates on me and my family, watch some movies, and check out some of my favorite links...
(Oh, the dogs above are for my daughter, Jordan.  She loooooooves dogs.  "Uh-oh!" - Jordan's favorite word.)

Learn What's New (And Old) With Me and My Family
Check out our "short" bio.
Some family pictures. (New pictures!  And coming soon...THUMBNAILS!!!)

Some Of My Favorite Links: 

Got questions? Click here to find the answers! Or search for it with Google!

Learn how EVERY-

Funny Kid (Turn on your speakers!)

Get a code-free DVD player and buy DVD's at Hong Kong Legends!

Know someone Filipino? Check out the Rex Navarette comedy site.

Turn on your speakers and check out Audioslave!

Get the latest on national and international affairs at CNN and the Lakers at ESPN.

Remember THIS?  This new link is for my dad who always remembered the cartoons I used to love... Get even more news from

Here's a hilarious sample of Rex's stuff! (Speakers: on!)

One More Important Link:    
Don't try THIS at home

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Revised: 04/10/2003