Gigi Sinclair

Miscellaneous slash fan fiction

Everything that Counts

Alles was zaehlt :: Deniz/Roman, mentions of Roman/Andrew and Marian/Nadja :: R

Sounds of Laughter, Shades of Life

Across the Universe :: Jude/Max :: PG-13

Across the Deserts Bare

Flight of the Phoenix (2004) :: Frank/Elliott :: NC-17

Heavenly Peace

Quantum Leap :: Al/Sam :: PG

The Spy Who Loved Me

JAG :: Rabb/Webb :: NC-17

Coming Home

JAG :: Rabb/Webb :: R


Oz :: Beecher/Keller :: R


Oz :: Beecher/Keller :: PG-13

I Got You, Babe

Filk :: Voyager :: Paris/Kim :: G

Sin City

Las Vegas :: Ed/Danny :: G

Natural Selection

Master and Commander :: Aubrey/Maturin :: G

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