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The fuselage is constructed out of tubular steel and aluminium sheeting. It was then skinned with .020 inches of aluminum sheets. Small steel plates will be welded into key areas such as the landing gear struts for extra strength. The tubular welds were completed by a professional welder in an off site shop. The fuselage construction is being monitored by an FAA inspector at various phases. There's no deadline to meet, so construction is proceeding as time and money permits. Even so, the progress of this replica project is fast and plainly visible.

baggage compartment fuel spout bellcrankfuel pump

                  Baggage Compartment               Fuel Spout                       Bell Crank                     Fuel Pump

underside of fuselage

Control Rods

nose art

Work is proceeding on the fuselage as the vintage styling begins to take shape.

nose art

The fuselage greets the sunshine on its roll-out undercarriage.

nose art

I chose number 43 for my P40, because a good friend of mine was assigned this number in the Flying Tigers. Robert "Bus" Keeton passed away on January 25, 2011. He had three kills to his credit- two bombers and a fighter.