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Empire Of The Klingon Fleets

  We are Klingons!!

Originating from the planet Qo'noS in the Beta quadrant, a proud, tradition-bound warrior race dominated by deeds of valor as well as personal honor, the Klingons formed a strong marauding civilization that had expanded its influence across light-years of space. Klingons love nothing better than a good battle. The aggressive Klingon culture has made them an interstellar military power to be respected and feared.

Klingon Warriors speak proudly to each other; they do not whisper or keep their distance. Standing far away or whispering are considered insults in the Klingon society.

The Klingon Government consists of an Imperial structure with a High Council advising the Emperor.

The Klingon Empire was founded approximately 1,500 years ago by Kahless the Unforgettable, who performed many heroic feats including the unification of the Klingon people when he killed the tyrant Molor.

The Honorific in a Klingon's name is an indication of how well thought of that person is within their family line and Klingon society in general. The more Honor and Glory a Klingon reaps for the Empire, the more respect and power is attributed to his/her Family line.

Here in the Empire of the Klingon Fleets, that very honor is bestowed within every Warrior with distinctive pride!

Do you think you have what it takes to be a Warrior?

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Warriors of the EKF

Klingon Defense Force

Warriors Codes of Honor