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The EKF Codes of Honor
The EKF Codes of Honor



Supreme Code of Honor:

  To uphold and maintain simulations that reflect the ideals, morality and technology of the Star Trek world that was created by The Great Bird of the Galaxy himself, Gene Roddenberry. Above all else, our goal is to have fun! Lots of fun, that's what simming is all about!

  Code of Honor #1:

  No EKF member shall provoke, participate in, or manipulate a hostile intent upon another Simulation Group or any member, including fellow EKF members. It is the responsibility of every EKF member to notify the High Council if such an occurrence arises.

  Code of Honor #2:

  All EKF members are considered as Klingon Warriors, each given rank promotion is considered as a distinguished honor that has been earned and should always be respected by all Warriors.

  Code of Honor #3:

  No EKF member shall invite anyone outside of the EKF or ECF into the sim room to sim or observe, unless permission is granted by the High Council prior to the scheduled sim. It is the responsibility of every CO to adhere to this code of honor at all times.

  Code of Honor #4:

  A) Any EKF member arriving late to a sim after it has started will more than likely have their post temporarily assigned to another member during that sim only, and will resume their assigned posts on the following week. (see Code of Honor # 4) The late arrival is to pay attention to what is taking place in the sim until (s)he receives a CO's log (mission briefing) and is assigned a post by the CO or First Officer (FO).

B) The CO has the privilege to postpone the sim for up to, but not to exceed 15 minutes beyond the sims scheduled start time, if (s)he is lacking members. It is the responsibility of the CO to inform his/her crew of any such postponement.

C) The CO has the privilege to contact any available (online) EKF or ECF member during the first 10 minutes of his/her scheduled sim and request said member(s) to help fill an empty post(s) or act as an additional sim character such as a Federation Officer or planetary native, etc. The contacted member has the option to accept or decline the offer.

  Code of Honor #5:

  When a Warrior who has a key role or post must leave after the sim has begun, that role/post will be assigned to another. If said Warrior returns shortly thereafter, (s)he will be assigned a different role/post to avoid confusion. This does not apply to members who have been bumped offline and return immediately to the room.

  Code of Honor #6:

  A) In the event of a multiple part sim, a crew member who temporarily filled a post that was not his/her assigned post has the option to continue in that post for the follow-up sim(s). An example of this is: The Chief Science Officer (CSCI) is absent from the sim. The Assistant Science Officer (ASCI) was given CSCI for said sim. ASCI may continue in that role until said sim has reached the final conclusion of all parts.

B) Crew members who attend a second part of any sim without attending the first part are encouraged to read the (part one) sim log and will be given a temporary post upon arrival by the First Officer. Said Warrior will assume their regular assigned post after the multi part sim has reached its conclusion. Please note this only applies to EKF members. If a simmer outside the EKF participated in such a sim (review Code of Honor # 2), the Warrior who normally holds the post will resume his/her duties within that post after being briefed, for the following mission.

  Code of Honor #7:

  While any EKF or ECF member may observe any EKF sim, unless they are part of that ships crew or have been invited to participate by the High Council or CO, shall remain quiet and observe only.

  Code of Honor #8:

  A) Any EKF member who misses two consecutive scheduled sims without giving prior notice to their CO runs the risk of being reduced in rank accordingly. All CO's should try to make contact with any absent member, via IM or email following the members second absence.

B) It is the responsibility of each CO to file a report after each sim stating which Warriors were in attendance, which Warriors sent in a notice of absence and which Warriors were not in attendance and sent no notice. Any notices received before or after a sim should be forwarded to the High Council.

C) It is also the responsibility of each CO to file a report on any EKF member of his/her crew, who has missed two consecutive scheduled sims without giving prior notice. Any reports shall be sent to the High Council.

  Code of Honor #9:

  A) Any EKF member/character, who misses three consecutive scheduled sims without giving prior notice to their CO will be sent a notice stating their EKF membership is in jeopardy. If no response is given, said member/character may be stripped of rank and generally discharged from the EKF Simulations Group. At which time, that individual may reapply for membership within the EKF, and if accepted, shall be reinstated at the rank of Warrior.

B) It is the responsibility of each CO to file a report on any EKF member of his/her crew, who has missed 3 consecutive sims without giving prior notice. Any reports shall be sent to the High Council.

  Code of Honor #10:

  No current EKF member shall be allowed to "create" a ship for sim purposes within the EKF until said member reaches the rank of Captain. After this time, any proposal is to be brought to the High Council as well as the members previous CO for approval.

  Code of Honor #11:

  A) Any EKF member who wishes to sim on more than one EKF ship must create a separate character for each individual ship. And, if possible, create a new SN for each Character. Member will begin as a Warrior on said ship. Member may use the same SN on all ships but must submit a request for a secondary post and include a new character name and profile form to the EKF Warrior Allocator.

B) All new characters should have a profile submitted for the EKF web site. A history is not required, however, basic information is. Profiles are to be done in keeping with Star Trek tradition. They should appear believable and not be taken lightly or as a joke. [Help with profiles is available and will be given upon request]

  Code of Honor #12:

  A) CO's of EKF ships shall keep their rosters updated (they may pass this duty on to their First Officers) and inform the High Council of any changes in a timely manner. Sim cancellations or day/time changes shall likewise be sent in a timely manner.

B) CO's shall keep the High Council apprised of new recruit placement and post/rank/SN changes for their crew as soon as the information becomes available to them.

  Code of Honor #13:

  A) All EKF CO's shall use the EKF standard when writing a mission briefing. All briefings shall consist of an imbedded image pertaining to the mission/episode, an episode title and number, the Stardate, (can also use "Supplemental") the author of said episode, the CO's log and a FOOT NOTE: (To be used at the CO's discretion)

B) Any EKF member may write a sim/mission briefing(s) but must submit them to their CO in advance of the scheduled sim. It is the responsibility of the CO to adhere to part A of Code of Honor #12 upon receiving/using any submission(s), and to inform any member(s) who have submitted a sim/mission briefing when their submitted mission will be scheduled for simming. The CO will give writing credits to the EKF member who is the author of the sim within the mission briefing.

  Code of Honor #14:

  All sims are to be logged and submitted to the High Council. Sim logs should have the CO's Log (mission briefing) pasted onto the top of each sim log. CO's may be advised on promotions according to their ship logs.

  Code of Honor #15:

  During a sim, crew members will not engage the CO in IM conversation due to the multiple tasks your CO may be undertaking. Only the FO and VS reserves the right to IM the CO. If you require assistance or become confused, you are directed to IM your Chief of Department (C of D). If the C of D cannot resolve the issue, you are directed to IM the FO. The FO will forward your IM to the CO if (s)he cannot resolve the issue. Any questions or comments that do not directly bear on the sim, should wait until the sim has ended or be sent via email.

  Code of Honor #16:

  Font colors Red and Blue are reserved for the CO's use only during a scheduled sim. All ACTIONS and ATTENTION statements will be done in red as it is a color that stands out well. The CO shall use blue for his/her character.

  Code of Honor #17:

  While simming, "mun bubbles" shall be kept to necessary information only. Examples of this are ((I have to go, sorry)), ((I missed that part, am I on the AT?)). All non sequitor comments such as ((Smashing Pumpkins are jamming on the radio!)), ((STV is on TV!)), etc., shall be refrained from as it can disrupt the momentum of the sim.

  Code of Honor #18:

  A) Simming should be taken seriously. Any member whose character fails to behave in a manner of an honorable Klingon during a sim risks expulsion from the EKF. This does not comply with any sim plot within a given mission if a CO has actioned it.

B) The use of profanity and vulgarity of any nature is strictly prohibited within the sim rooms. Respect for fellow members shall be considered at all times. The EKF is in full compliance with AOL's TOS (terms of service). For details, see: Appropriate Online Content

  Code of Honor #19:

  A) When an EKF member creates a room specifically for recruiting purposes, (s)he shall use the KLINGON EKF RECRUIT room. This room is to be used solely for EKF recruiting.

B) While recruiting, members are to conduct themselves in a manner becoming an honorable Klingon. Recruiting is done for the EKF as a whole and not individual ships. New recruits will be placed on the ship that best fits the new recruit's schedule. If a new recruit indicates (s)he is available at any time, (s)he will be placed on the ship with the smallest crew compliment.

  Code of Honor #20:

  Promotions are given after three months of participating within your assigned ship and will follow immediately after the sim has ended. If a CO is not present for that sim, any promotions will be given the following week. The primary qualifications for promotions are: Good sim attendance and sim participation.

  Code of Honor #21:

  A biography for any new member will not be placed in the EKF web site until their character has simmed with his/her primary ship for the first four missions.

  Code of Honor #22:

  A) No EKF member shall use the EKF mailstring for the purpose of voicing their personal political views and opinions or the generation of "Spam" mail. Any member doing so, will be reprimanded. The EKF mailstring is to be used only for EKF memos, reminders, notices, the KLINGON KOMMUNICATOR and official EKF business.

B) If mail that is considered spam is circulated within the EKF mailstring, any responses or opinions shall be sent only to the EKF's High Council. Responses shall not be sent to the entire EKF mailstring. Curtesy and respect for privacy within the EKF must be maintained at all times.

  Code of Honor #23:

  Challenge of Leadership; Any member of the EKF can Challenge for Leadership but has to meet the following qualifications:

1) Be active within the EKF.

2) Have permission from the High Council in writing.

3) Has to meet all the goals set forth for taking Command of that position, to include training classes set within the EKF and ECF.

  Code of Honor #24:

  The High Council reserves the right to incorporate any new codes of honor with the goal of preventing any new and unforeseen occurrences that may adversely effect the EKF and EKF members.

  A breach of any of these codes of honor by any EKF member, shall be met with a reminder to the codes of honor. Any greater or repeated offenses shall be dealt with by appropriate reprimands accordingly, such as: probationary time periods, rank reductions or discharge from the EKF Simulations Group.


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