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I have been researching non-human intelligences since 1966 when I first met what I believe to be the angels in the course of a near-death experience. I began ‘digging in the dirt’ through various healing modalities and looking at who I was in my totality. Through these healings and awakenings, I integrated information into all my human aspects and recognized more of my true identity. The journey of awakening is still happening! I believe that nothing is more practical than knowing your own sacred, divine self, and my discoveries and healings have served me well. I am totally committed to remember to journey out of the Dream. This is an exhilarating pilgrimage full of twists and turns, lots of laughs and tears and which is taking me Home, back to the Truth of who I am!

In the process of falling in love with my Inner Beloved, my Sacred Nature, and learning to express through human form, I began creating visionary collages/art works. These collages symbolized to me what multidimensional beings are: a combination of textures, tones, colors, and vibrations woven skillfully together and living simultaneously on all dimensions on the way back to Source.

My next artistic expression was photography. In the early days, all I wanted to do was photograph people for they totally fascinated me. I preferred black and white film because it embodies a certain dramatic ‘feeling’ in portraiture. Eventually I expanded and became crazy about photographing sentient trees and gradually worked my way into photographing other Nature expressions.

I authored my first book, DOLPHIN TRIBE, in 1993, and the second edition of this successful nonfiction book was published in 1994. My musical and spoken guided meditation audiocassette, DOLPHIN MEDITATIONS, was published in 1994. This was accomplished by co-creating a publishing company with my partner Bob called the Dancing Dolphin Press. The press has now grown to ten titles. I founded the nonprofit interspecies cetacean research organization, the Dancing Dolphin Institute, in 1995 and for three years, I introduced a worldwide audience to the dolphins and whales in the waters as well as in meditations that I termed ‘dolphin attunements’. During this time, I traveled widely giving playshops, lectures and appearing on national radio and television shows. I sponsored two Dolphin Tribe Gatherings and promoted numerous metaphysical teachers for Maui engagements. I also joined the ministry, first with the Universal Church of the Master and then with the Madonna Ministry of which I am now a Bishop.

I received guidance from Spirit in 1998 to put the Institute on sabbatical as well as my other marketing work so that I could once again give my full attention to the inner realms and anchor the new incoming heart-energies of love and compassion streaming to Terra. What seems to be happening to me is the birthing of a planet into a new realm, and there are many of us that are required to circulate and channel these energies. It really doesn’t matter if everyone of us know our true identities in full, but what is required right now more than ever is for each and every one of us who have signed on for this mission to Show Up! Our very living presence will assist in maintaining planetary stability and mid-wiving the birth of Terra as a Star! At the same time, a new species of human is being born on Terra as predicted in my book on page 74. These children are now being termed the ‘Indigos’, and there is much excitement about these children’s amazing abilities as well as about the abilities of the new Psychic Children that are being born.

These past years have been committed to retreat, research, healing, study, writing, anchoring, communing and pilgrimage. Every now and then, I officiate a wedding, vow renewal or commitment ceremonies. I have several books that are ‘works in progress’. One of these is a follow-up to the DOLPHIN TRIBE, and it is currently titled, ‘DOLPHINS, MERMAIDS AND FAERIES’. In my spare time, I am a Muse to others, and using the multiple tools in my spiritual tool kit, I counsel, offer guidance and inspire them to radiate the clear light of love, wisdom and unity.

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