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Vision Therapy and Autism

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Last Updated: July 9, 2003

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Visual problems are very common in autism. Visual symptoms of autism can include:

*lack of eye contact
*staring at spinning objects or light
*fleeting peripheral glances
*side viewing
*difficulty attending visually
*not looking directly at the object upon request, but prefer to scan or look off to the side of the object
*avoiding contact with specific visual input and might have hypersensitive vision
*constant scanning visual information in an attempt to gain meaning
*ignoring peripheral vision (side vision) and remain fixated on a central point of focus for excessive periods of time
*Eyes crossing or turning, even a little bit.
*Tilting, turning the head, covering or closing an eye in order to use only one eye
*Blinking, grimacing, squinting and other compensating behaviors
*Visual stimulation behaviors: finger flicking; obsession with spinning, patterns, or other visual effects
*sighting along linear objects (counter edges, telephone wires)
*Short attention span, avoidance of close work and activities
*Low frustration level, irritability, emotional immaturity
*Headaches, dizziness, nausea, car sickness and light sensitivity

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Vision Therapy

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Basic Information
For Those New to the Diagnosis of Autism: The First Things to Do and the Initial Visit to the Neurologist
What Is Autism, PDD, and Asperger's Syndrome?
Neurobiology: Neurotransmitters, Genetics, and Biomarkers

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Therapies and Treatments
Sensory Integration
Applied Behavioral Analysis
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Vision Therapy and Autism

Medication Use and Autism
Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors (SSRIs) as a Treatment for Autism
A Parent's Decision to Use an SSRI for her Young Autistic Son
Sleep Problems with Autism and Other Related Conditions
Risperdal and Other Atypical Neuroleptics as a Treatment for Autism

Speech and Communication
Sign Language
PECS and Other Picture Communication Systems

The Speech and Communication section is still Under Construction. Please feel free to browse the section, but keep checking back, as I will be adding new Speech/Communication therapies in the upcoming weeks, including:

*Verbal Behavior
*Sensory Integration Therapy (how it affects speech)
*Oral Motor Exercise
*Videos, Activites, and Books that Encourage Speech

Misc. Info
Conferences, Workshops, Events, and Summer Camps
A Mother's Reflections on Life with an Autistic Child
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