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Photo Gallery


Scott's Battery Photo Gallery: The Movies We Were in:
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Links To ALL Of Our Pictures!

When our pictures have been taken down from our Photo Gallery page, they are put into these accounts in order to share them in the future. We are adding more pictures to these accounts during our events in the summer months. 

The underlined items have been added this season (2004).

Click Here and you will find: Boscobel WI. 2002-2003, Clinton IA. 2001, Galesburg IL. 1999, Geneseo, IL. Schools 2000 & 2004, Greenbush WI. 2001, Herscher, IL. School 2004, Keokuk IA. 2001-2004, Mason City IA. 2001, Memorial Day 2000-2004, Miscellaneous, Movies, Orion Schools 2001-2002.
 Click Here and you will find: Past Events, Prinston IL. 1999-2000, Pvt. Harris age 93.
Click Here and you will find: Rockford IL. 2001-2002, Ushers Ferry In Cedar Rapids IA. 2000 - 2003, Vacations / Battlefields Today, Our Re-enactors, "Governor" - Our NEW Cannon, & Scott's Ladies.

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