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"the underground"

Is our Wednesday Night service, and one of favorite times of the week.  We begin at 7:00pm with our small groups.  Anyone who wants to come, can, we WILL make room for you.  We love to have new people show up.  At 8:00pm we begin our large group time.  We would call this our worship service, but worship is technically a 24/7 thing.  If you don't quite understand that... Come and find out what it is all about.  We have great music brought to us by Daniel Doss and the Band.  Chad will speak, and who knows what else will go.  All we can say for sure is that we will have great time glorifying God.  Come and Join Us.

If you would like to get plugged into a small group simply fill in the info below, and a group leader will be in touch with you.

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