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                           Books I Own      

This was the 1st book I got about fossils way back in 1988 for Christmas. Great book for  the young paleontologist.

Great book for someone new to fossils includes a section on preparations for the field, how to clean & identify what you find. Plus has many collecting localities for each state.

These two books are for the advanced collectors. The one on the left is: An introduction to the study of fossils, 1921, by Hervey Woodburn Shimer. The right one is: Invertebrate Paleontology, 1935, by William H. Twenhofel & Robert R. Shrock

This is a great book with about half of it devoted to a section on Pterosaurs

This is an ok book mainly for people who live in the coastal states.  Since it is in B&W it makes some of the fossils hard to see

This thin book is quite informative but is for a young collector

An informative book with many color photos. Most of the fossils seem to have came from the  UK

N.G. isn't always about fossils but when it is it's a good idea to get that issue as they are very informative in their reports

This is a must have book for anyone wishing to go looking for Dinosaurs. Has places to go for each state in the USA

Great book for young collectors. Covers a wide variety of fossils

A great book that has a brief summary of the classification system of the phylum and classes of the plant & animal kingdoms

A great must have book for anyone collecting fossils in North America. But it could use some more Vertebrate fossil pics.

A great book by Jerry C. Laplante. Has tips on tools and collecting fossils. Plus a section with fossil localities for each state.

This is what I think is a must have for anyone interested in Dinosaurs.Written by Robert T. Bakker, Ph.D. I hope to one day get to go on one of his volunteer digs.

Another must have written by John R. Horner and James Gorman. About their discovery of baby Dinosaurs.

A good book for the young collector who is getting started in Dinosaurs and fossils.

This book has many great drawings and I think it is for someone between beginner and amatur Paleontolgist.

The Practical Paleontologist by Steve Parker. A great book that deals with finding localities, surveying and recording, and extracting your fossils.

A great book by William H. Matthews III. Deals with Preservation,collection,preparation and display of fossils; plus has a great list of other fossil books and guides.

 Bulletin #54 Geology and Mineral Resources of the Paleozoic Area in Northwest Georgia. Great book with a lot of fossil pics.

Bulletion #62 Contributions to the Paleontology of Northwest Georgia. Another great bulletin with many plates (pages) of fossil pics.

Fossils by Richard Moody .Great for identifing fossils it has many fossils pics( in color) with descriptions.

Richard Casanova made a great book about the romance of fossil collecting plus a list of collecting localities.

This book by Niles Eldredge has many large color photos ;but it isn't good for an id book since it deals mainly with evolution.

A great guide by Marian Moody  which is almost completly filled with fossil collecting localities.

Tn Division of Geology Bulletin #65 A must have great book that has the locations and types of Limestone found in the Quarries of Tn.


       Below are some magazines that usually have sections of fossils in them. I have added links to the ones that I could find.


Rockhound If you can if these old magazines they usually have articles on fossils and collecting sites.

Rock and Gem magazine is a great mag for fossils Check it out at

Prehistoric Times deals mainly with vertebrate fossils (mostly Dinos) It's website is at

This isn't a mag it's a catalog that has equipment books and videos on fossils Website is

Gems and minerals often contains fossils.

                Free Papers & Brochures

   I found most of these on the internet. All I had to do was fill in the info which requested the papers & wait for them to come in the mail.

Paper on Identifing shark teeth. I got it at the fossil festival in Aurora, N.C.

This little brochure can be obtained at and deals with going on a six night Dino dig with Robert T. Bakker

Free little papers from the Carnegie Museum of Natural History in Pittsburgh, PA.

Also from museum in PA



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