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Magee Marketing Group

Magee Marketing Group is well recognized throughout the insurance industry as one of the Premier Lead Generation companies throughout the country.

Having worked with the leading insurance giants for over 30 years, Magee Marketing Group has earned a reputation for generating quality leads at competitive prices.

Additional Products And Services Available

Homeowner X-Date Lists

  • No Excessive Names
  • All Homes Purchased After 1989
  • All Homes Valued at $50,000 plus
  • Monthly Billing
  • Lowest Rates In The Industry
  • No Start-Up Fees
  • Homeowner And Automobile Insurance Lead Generation Program

  • Use your Homeowner X-date List to develop immediate homeowner and automobile insurance sales.
  • Lowest Rates In The Industry
  • No Start-Up Fees
  • A Complete Commercial Insurance Lead Generation Program, Including X-Dates On The Following Lines Of Insurance:

  • Commercial Auto Insurance
  • General Liability Insurance
  • Fire Insurance
  • Business Package Insurance
  • Workers Compensation Insurance
  • Heath (Industrial and Group) Insurance
  • Target Marketing For Business Insurance To Specified Market.
  • Lowest Rates In The Industry
  • No Start-Up Fees
  • Additional Marketing Lists Available To Meet Your Prospecting Needs.

  • Business Lists Available For Your Group Health And Commercial Insurance Prospecting
  • Income Lists Target the families in your community that have a need for Financial Planning
  • Special Lists Specifically Tailored To Your Prospecting Needs
  • Lowest Rates In The Industry
  • No Start-Up Fees
  • Unique Features Of Magee Marketing©
    Customized Lists At Competitive Prices
    No Long Term Contracts (Month To Month)
    Minimum Test Run Requirements (20 Hours)
    Guaranteed Results
    Exclusivity By Zip Code (One Agent Per Zip Code)
    Turn Key Operation-All Inclusive Hourly Rates
    Public Awareness Campaign In Conjunction With Your Lead Generation Program
    No Start Up Fees
    Lowest Rates In The Industry

    To See How Magee Marketing Can start
    Your Agency On A More Profitable Course For 2000
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