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Yeah. You know you want it. 'Tis be the fan-fiction archieve and unfortunately it's rather..small. But I have high hopes and aspirations that it shall grow. If you'd like to contribute any of your work to be featured inside of -Too late now-, please write me up and send it right over. Here's some guide-lines you can follow to make it easier for you:

Email address
Homepage, if any
Brief description that will be used for a blerb.

  • Send the story inside of a .txt file or copy&paste it right into the email. Don't send .docs since I will NOT open it.
  • Please give identification of chapters inside of the document. I honestly do not want to be butchering your story because you don't clarify it right.
  • Make breaks and paragraphs into your story. If there is none, I'll just end up placing them where I see fit.
  • I have all right to not accept your story if it's honestly just not in my taste. But, I'm not that picky when it comes to most stories. The thing that bothers me is if you have bad grammar in it. I tend to read *everything* that is sent into me, so make sure your work has some taste to it.
  • Please...Honest to God...Make sure it's a fan-fiction. I don't want any original stories floating into my mailbox. Don't give me something with a character that you intergrated into it, even though that rule can be bent rather easily if you do it with some mad style.

    Eh....Too many rules. But the real gist is to just gimme your name, mail address and the story. Onward! To the stories!

    Gundamwing //

    Dark side to HELL
    Author: ST3wolf
    - A fanfiction that's all dark and twisted. It features Duo after he has sunk into this depression over a flashback from the Maxwell Church burning. Course, Hilde's there to help in the end. I wrote this at like...2am with Heero keeping me up, so if it's hard to understand...well, too bad.
    PG13(R)--content and that vomit word-- Completed July 22 2001.

    Vagrant Story //

    Author: ST3wolf
    - Another point of view told by the character. This one is from Vagrant Story and the teller here is Sydney Losstarot. He's inside of the Snowflie forest awaiting for the hunter--Ashley Riot.
    G Completed June 8th 2001

    Final Fantasy VII //

    -[ Madness ]-
    Author: ST3wolf
    - A short fan-fiction from FFVII. It is told from Sephiroths point of view inside of the ShinRa Mansion. You're seeing his thoughts as he reads and ultimately to when Cloud confronts him inside of the basement library.
    Mild language. PG Completed June 7th 2001

    Author: ST3wolf
    - Fanfiction told through a very odd person indeed. My friend recently has gotten me into liking Vincent, and so this story is told through Lucrecia. It's still in the making, I'm afraid, so you will have to wait.
    PG (so far) Started May 31st 2001

    Fading breaths
    Author: ST3wolf
    - The main character here is Aeris Gainsborough when she's on the alter right before her infamous death scene. You're shown her thoughts, and then how Cloud and the others react.
    PG. Completed June 20.