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Well right about now everyone is starting to get excited for the next season , the Titans acomplished alot in their first year at Adelphia Collisium , but now its time to think about what wonders year two may bring to Tennessee . We have had the N.F.L. draft and its interesting to see who the Titans got , ( Personally I think they did the wisest thing and boned up the defense ) and our new free agents will be a treat to watch this next season . Tickets will begin to sell out once again as we watch in awe as our home team hands out defeat after defeat . I have created this site in dedication to all those who play on our team and who showed us victory after victory this past season , and no matter what fate will through at them this season wether it be another Superbowl berth or just a good year of football this is to let them know they finally have found their home in Nashville and all the fans are behind them 100% win loose or draw . So i've said it before and i'll say it again dont through all that Titans stuff in the closets until next season put it on and where it proud !

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I am pleased to anounce that the Titans Fan Tribute has teamed up with FootballBoards .com to bring you the latest and best descussion boards we could find . So drop by and lets talk about drafts , signing , stats or anything else relivant to the best team in the NFL the Tennessee Titans !

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