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2000 N.F.L. Draft " Tennessee "

Well folks looks like the Titans had a great draft this season and it looks like defense was what was the hot topic in the war room Sat. and Sun. Some great picks were made by everyone , Syracuse suprised everyone with the number of players they put out this year and U.T. got there share of drafted players in also . Everyone new that J. Lewis would go first round and Tee Martin went in the 5th round so it was a good day in Tn. The draft party the Titans had at Adelphia went well I met three of the players and got two autographs #94 Mike Frederick and #78 John Thorton , and I must say both are really nice guys I got to talk to Thorton for about ten min. And got real up close with Yancey Thigpen after my wife ran into him (literally) while trying to make her way around the barricade while dodging a thousand screaming fans .He was ushered in and out within five min. or so . But anyway here are the Titan drafts for the 15th and 16th .

Titans 2000 Picks

The first 3rd round and 4th round picks Tennessee had were from trade with Philladelphia Eagles for Tennessee's 2nd roun pick . We also had 1 pick in the 7th round that we got from Chicago .

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