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Dentons and Related Families

These pages refer to the surnames on my paternal side of the family. To get to any of these surnames click on the surname of your choice to find out more about that branch of my tree. Some of the links below will not work until I have info about that family to upload. The surname is only there as a guide to you so that if your surname is there then maybe we connect up in some way.

If you connect to any of these surnames and the information fits what you have feel free to email me.

The information in these pages are not true and exact, and in some cases incomplete at best, if there is information missing please email it to me and I will add the data. Most of the things on these pages have been sent to me with the help of other people and so therefore I cannot take the credit for all of the work compiled in these pages. Be patient as some of these pages have a lot of information on them. If you sent me any of this information, please email me so that I can give you credit. I got a lot of these when I first started doing my genealogy and didn't know about giving credit. That was also before I decided to start a genealogy page. Thanks!

Cherow/Sherrow, Clark(e), Denton, Fisher, House, Person, Rinehart, Sledge, Whittemore, Yarber/Yarbrough/Yarborough

This page is about my father Virgil Monroe Denton. If you knew him, please contact me, as I would like to know what type person he was and the things he liked.


Newspaper Articles
(Society page, obituaries, weddings, births, etc.)


Denton's in the Census


Yarborough Wills



Some of these pictures I know who they are based on what is written on the back of them and some of them are a complete mystery to me so if you can identify them it would be most appreciated.


Land Holdings

I was sent these drawings by Mary, who got them from another cousin. Thanks!! to both of you.

Brick Walls

I will keep adding to this page as I go through all my stuff and get it sorted.

Here are some links to other pages that connect in some way with my Denton's. More links to be added as I come across them.

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