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Friends... Life's Most Worthy Gifts

It's me, Amanda, and Stephanie at Panama City Beach, FL. This was taken the first week of August. We decided that we needed to take a well deserved trip to FL. I am so glad that we did. We got to catch up on the old times and I got to reestablish my friendship with them because I so stupidly let it suffer. The three of us have been through so much in the past year, and this trip helped to engrave the fact that we will always be there for each other. We've found out who our true friends are and cherrish that. I am so glad that they respect me and that they are willing to tell truthful feelings and concerns with out worrying it will "upset" each other. We find a lot of meaning in my saying "what doesn't kill you only makes you stronger."

Ahh... we made it to the end of one long road and are now faced with new and more trying ones. Graduation 1999... These are some of my close friends. Back row left to right: Mary, Stephanie, me, and Charity. Front row left to right: Angie, Kelley, and Karen. We have all been friends since at least Junior High. The things we have done... camping trips (haha), football games, bowling, out to eat, harmless fun of "decorating" other friend's cars late at night hehe The list goes on and on!

Kelley and Stephanie... these were two of my closest friends. We were like the three stooges! Kelley and I met in Junior High, but weren't really that close until High School. After that we were inseperable! But now we have our differences and gone our seperate ways. Stephanie and I became close friends in 8th grade in our Pre-Algebra class. I'll never forget those days! I don't get to see Steph that much any more or talk to her much since she has moved, but we try our hardest to keep in contact.

Amanda!!!! We became friends around 1998 or 1999. We (Steph, Kell, and I) graduated with and were friends with her brother. That's how we ended up meeting and becoming friends. I was so over joyed to finally have a friend that has just about the exact same sense of humor as me and doesn't care to be silly in public and just flat out have fun!

This is me, Kelley, and Stephanie again :) We were just about to leave for a Barenaked Ladies concert in Nashville. Ahh our road trips... you can't find anything better to do than just get in the car and go where the road takes you!

This is Stephen. I met him in 1999 through my cousin Heather. He is such as sweet heart, very kind, has a great sense of humor, and poor thing he even puts up with my and Heather's constant pestering. I am glad that we had the oppertunity to get to know each other. He's such a great person.

Me, Heather, and Stephen at Heather's graduation. Aren't we just the cutest group of friends you have ever seen?

This is me, my friend Johnny, and Heather. Johnny, I met my Junior year of High School in band. He's such a great person... I know there were days I felt like throwing in the towel and quiting, but Johnny was always there to cheer me up and keep my spirits high. He is such a joker and has a great sense of humor!

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