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My Favorite Things

One of my two childhood favorite cartoon characters is Scooby Doo. I'll never forget getting to watch it on Saturdays... I'd sit in front of the tv and imagine what it would be like to ride in the Myster Machine and find all of those ghoolies with the gang.

My other favorite cartoon character is Cool Cat. I'd would giggle with glee every time he would out smart that mean old guy that was always after him. Ok ok yes I was and STILL am easily entertained.

My favorite food... that's simple! Chicken!!! I also like Mexican food and Chineese food.

Favorite Drink

All of my friends can vow for that one... they've seen the hyper me come out ofter a dose of Dr. Pepper! I also have to hold on to that childhood favorite... KOOLAID!!!

I have several favorite resturants that my friends and I like to go and have our heart felt talks and just let it all out they are:

Fazoli's, O'Charley's, Taco Bell, El Tequilla, China Star

My favorite singer

John Lennon A great man taken from this earth at too early of an age. My favorite song of his is "Imagine"

Favorite Band (not to meantion the best band in the WHOLE ENTIRE WORLD!!!)

BareNaked Ladies!!! I adore them to death! They have a song for just about any mood and each relates to daily feelings and thoughts. They make you think if you really listen to the words and formation of each song. They go deeper than just lyrics to a tune. And seeing them in concert... AMAZING! All of your cares just disappear when they perform and their raps they spontaneously make up! They are great! Check them out for yourself!

Favorite Actors

Robin Williams... he was the first actor that I adored. I remember watching him in "Mork and Mindy" when I was little. He just seems to be very out going, very funny, and also he seems to be the type that would help anyone in need if he could. He has been kinda a role model for me.

George Clooney... A great actor and a very attractive man if you ask me ;) I first saw him in an episode of "The Golden Girls" and later on in "ER" After those tv shows I was sold. I've tried to keep up with him in his movie career too. My favorite movie of his has to be "One Fine Day"
Jim Carrey... He's cute, he's funny, and I own all of his movies! Need more be said? lol

Favorite Actress

Jennifer Love... She just seems to have a free spirit and loves life. Another one of my role models.

Favorite TV Shows

I love to watch The Golden Girls, A Wedding Story, A Baby Story, A Make Over, A Dating Story, ER, Street Smarts, Whose Line Is It Any Way, and The Drew Carrey Show. That is when I get the chance.

Favorite Oldies Band

The Beatles

Favorite Color

Hunter Green

Favorite Type of Car
Ford Mustang I think I drive everyone nuts because I have developed a radar for Mustangs. When I see one I have to make it known haha

Favorite Animal
Cat... especially if it is my cat Chester! :)

Favorite Animated Movie

The Lion King... it was just too cute!

Favorite Comic Strip

Calvin and Hobbes

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