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You are probably wondering "who in the heck is Chester?" Well, I'll tell ya (that's the whole point now isn't it? :) ) Chester is my house cat. He is a 5 year old orange tabby. I love him to death. He is just like a part of the family now. I know that some of you think that's the dumbest thing ever, but until you have a pet that's in the house 24-7 you'll never know what I'm talking about.

I am a cat lover all the way. Some people think that cats are dumb, but to them I just want to say, "you haven't met my cat." Unlike my mom's cat, he knows not to pester people when they aren't in a good mood. When someone in the house is feeling down he's there staring up at you with those big yellow eyes as if to say, "Hey I care. Pet me and you'll feel better." He's just a loveable ball of fur. :)

Hehe... every day I wonder if he's not part dog, because I can put out the clothes that I'm gonna ware for the day, and when I come back from the shower he has drug off my socks and hid them somewhere. This is the coolest thing though... when you wad up a piece of paper and throw it in the waste basket in my room he dives in and gets it out and carries it around the house.

Ok this picture, I'll agree, is a bit funky! I, for some reason, decided to dress Chester up for Halloween! And in the mean time to make my hair green too hehe Don't worry it's normal color now. Isn't he so cute as a warlock?! Ok ok I'm nuts but oh well ;)

This is my cat, Chester, and my mom's evil devil cat, Kitty. At most times you can just look in her eyes and see the evilness seeping out of her. haha But I do love cats so I put up with her when I have to :) Ok enough animal talk... GO CHECK OUT MY OTHER LINKS!

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