"Poem Commentary & Related Scripture"

1 Corinthians 3: 16&17.....Romans 6: 12-14
Proverbs 20:1.....1 Corinthians 6: 19&20

"Let's Get High", is definitely the
closest to my heart. This poem was my first and was
given to me directly after the Lord
delivered me from a life of drugs and alcohol.
I found that the drugsI use to do, can't come
close to comparing to the "High" I get from
serving the Lord! The best part is, when you get
High on Jesus, you never experience hang-overs,
D.T.s, or flashbacks.Praise The Lord!


My body numb, my mind was blank,
the drugs I smoked, they smelled so rank.
This world of mine, had reached an end,
the drugs I did, were my best friend.

Then Jesus said, "Give me a try,
come walk with Me, and let's get high."
But the only high I'd ever known,
was artificial, just on loan.

"It's just a lie, the proof you'll see,
throw down those drugs, get high on Me."
"The drugs you do, they make you blind,
you search for answers, you'll never find."

"For surely with the drugs you use,
your life will cease, and you will lose."
"The high you need, you can not buy,
partake of me, and you'll never die!"

I made a move that darkened day,
to give up drugs, to stay away.
The inner peace, for which I'd looked,
I found in Christ, and I was hooked!

The drugs we take, they can not please us,
if you want life, get high on Jesus!

Written by..Timothy Jon Barrett
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