“Go Ye Therefore” Bible Study
New Year Message

Well group, 2009 is almost in the books as we look ahead to 2010. I want to first welcome all of our new members, we are nearing 500 members now as God has increased our little group. When God directed me to start this Bible study group on face book, I remember committing to God that I would be happy if only one person is reached. If I can fan the flames of a Christian already on fire for God, or if I can only encourage someone to return to the God they had abandoned, or if I can lead just one person to the cross, it would all be worth it. It is amazing what God can do through a willing heart. If you have ever read my testimony (posted with the studies), you will see that my heart was not always a willing one. I have seen by this study that nothing is impossible with God.

I have reached out to many of you from other groups or from finding you in the friends list of one of your friends. My selection process boiled down to in most cases, your enthusiasm and willingness to share your faith openly and unashamedly. When a general is looking for mighty warriors he doesn’t scour the country side for the weak and feeble, he looks for those who are strong in spirit, bold in their faithfulness and totally fearless. I invited each of you to be my friend and in turn, invited you to join this group in hopes of forming a rock solid group of believers who are ready to go to war for our King, Jesus Christ! I have visited many other “Christian Groups” up here and in many of them (not all), you are nothing more than members in title only. I have prayed that this group become a lighthouse to this world of face book. We have a potential audience of 350 million people. Many are already warriors that we need standing with us, yet many are lost and in need of salvation.

I think we all need to put aside our silly little “New Years Resolutions”, that in the grand scheme of things don’t mean squat in the Kingdom of God and resolve ourselves to being warriors for Christ in 2010. Make resolutions to our Savior that we are finally going to get off of our lazy duffs and start filling up Heaven with lost souls. We need to examine our lives in 2010 and get rid of everything that does not glorify Him. Group, if you have studied any of my lessons, you know by now that I believe that we are in the last seconds, of the last minutes, of the last days. Do we spend what time is left catering to our own selfish wants and needs or do we jump in the game and start busting up the opposition. I know I am not alone here but if I am, I will go on alone to reach that one person I committed to God to reach. I just see here on face book such an opportunity and a field ready for the harvest. Will we get blue ribbons and pats on the back for what we do here, no, but there are crowns waiting for those who win souls, and that is the big prize.

What Can You Do As a Member To Join In The Fight?

Well, first of all, we need to invite all of our friends to join the group. I’m not a guy who believes that “Numbers” is the end all, but the more people we invite into the group, the better chance of reaching someone who is lost or needs to rededicate their lives.

First…Invite other believers to join, the bigger our army, the bigger the punch…You can do this by going to the group page and click on “Invite People To Join”. Then, click on each friend you want to invite and then click “Send Invitations”. You can also send a short message as well…

Second…Invite those people that are friends and Family of yours who are not saved. I don’t know about you, but preaching to the choir is great but if we’re not winning souls, the Amen corner kind of loses its luster.

Third…If you know what your gifts are then great, start finding ways to use them in the group. If you don’t know what your gifts are, pray that God shows you and then start using them in the group. Maybe your gift is intercessory prayer…Come to the group every day and pray for the prayer request placed in the group. If God has blessed you with Godly wisdom and knowledge, please come in and comment in the discussion area and share that wisdom with the world. Whatever your gift, find a way to use it to reach the lost today whether in this group or in your life wherever you are.

In this group, we have Brothers and Sisters from all over the world. From Germany, South Africa, Philippines, Indonesia, Italy, Bulgaria, Canada, Australia, the UK and many others. We have Catholics, Baptist, Methodist, Pentecostal, Quakers and Mennonites. We have members from all races and denominations. My prayer for this group is that we set aside all of our cultural and denominational divides and set out to accomplish the one thing that we all can agree on, and that is that Jesus Christ came into the world to save the lost and it is our responsibility as believers to bring that good news to the world. Put all of the other trivialities aside and join together to reach our world for Christ. If we can’t do that, we don’t deserve his many blessings.

I am praying for each of you and I am believing that God will reveal his purpose in each of your lives in 2010.

Your Brother In Christ
Tim Barrett

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