BIBLE STUDY LESSON # 31...JUNE, 27 , 2010
"Warning Will Robinson, Warning!!"

As many of you know by now, I have a great passion for end time prophecy and I have reflected that in many of my earlier studies. I am not a prophet, I am not a Bible scholar, nor is this a “thus says the Lord” message that he has come to me in a vision to deliver to you. Bible prophecy (for those unfamiliar with the term), is basically God telling the future from the past. Bible prophecy is the one undeniable way that God has chosen to authenticate himself as the one and only true God. Everything that God has ever predicted in the Bible has always come to pass exactly like it was predicted.

Isaiah 46: 9 & 10...9 Remember the former things of old, For I am God, and there is no other; I am God, and there is none like Me, 10 Declaring the end from the beginning, And from ancient times things that are not yet done, Saying, ‘My counsel shall stand, And I will do all My pleasure,’

Even though none of us knows the exact time of Christ’s return, we are given a blueprint through Bible prophecy that alerts us that the world we now know is rapidly coming to an end. The title of this lesson (Warning Will Robinson, Warning), for those of you under forty years old, comes from the old TV show “Lost In Space”, where the Robinson Family robot would shout to young Will a warning at the hint of impending danger. I intend to be (with God’s help), the robot that will continue shouting warnings to everyone within the sound of my voice or pen, the impending dangers that lie ahead of us as Christians. To me, the message of the day is simple and clear cut, “The end is near!!!!” Instead of spending our time self indulging and on watered down messages, we need to be focusing on warning a dying world that the return of Jesus Christ is at hand. I mean really, what else matters? If we don’t warn the lost they are destined for Hell and at the very least a horrifying tribulation period that is rapidly approaching.

I still find that a majority of Christians still live in a fairytale world and have very limited knowledge of end time events, nor do they care. Their intensity for sharing the gospel ranks up there with a limp dish rag and all they care about are their worldly possessions and keeping up with the Jones’. Christians, as well as non believers need to understand that life as we’ve known it is about to end, and very soon.


We, as American Christians, have been so blessed to have grown up and lived in this great and prosperous Country. Though I am truly grateful for having been blessed by this as well, I feel it has made American Christians soft, apathetic and of little use to the Kingdom of God. We think that trials and tribulations are not getting what we want when we selfishly pray. We look at bumps in the road as if they were giant craters. We have pampered ourselves so long with the delicacies of this world that when real trials come our way we just fall apart. I have news for everyone though, real trials and tribulations are on the way and they are coming at break neck speed.

Another mistake that American Christians make is that we tend to gauge end time prophecies by events that are happening or that happen to this Country. America is never mentioned once in Bible Prophecy though many try to insert her. The focal point of all Bible prophecy is Israel and the Middle East. So where should our attention be focused? On Israel!! Again, American Christians have this sense of entitlement and self worth that they cannot in-vision a scenario where the United States is absent. Countries like Russia, China, Europe (continent), Turkey, Egypt, Jordon, Iran, Iraq, and many other Middle Eastern nations are mentioned but the United States is absent. Why? Only two scenarios come to mind…1) We have been destroyed by our enemies…2) we have become so insignificant that we don’t warrant a mention in the Bible. Either way folks…Trouble is on the way for us here in this Country and the whole world. The questions remain …Are we going to be prepared to meet the challenges that face us as Christians in these last days? Are we going to continue playing Church or are we going to get right with God and reach a dying world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ? Are we going to use face book as just one more of our many insignificant social networks or are we going to use it as a tool and an avenue to reach our lost dying friends and family? Are we going to continue to argue with fellow believers over trivial disagreements or are we going to put aside those trivialities and press forward with that high calling we have in Jesus Christ? Will we turn off our TV’s long enough to open God’s word and seek his direction in these last days or will we continue living our Christian lives through some Hollywood fantasy?

Romans 13: 11...11 And do this, knowing the time, that now it is high time to awake out of sleep; for now our salvation is nearer than when we first believed.

Will we awake from our sleep in time to be a useful tool in the Kingdom of God or will we sleep right through till the end?

I for one am going to keep shouting it from the rooftops until everyone within the sound of my voice or pen has been warned. Will you join me and heed my warning, or will you do what the Robinsons did so many times when they grew tired of hearing the warnings and just…Turn the robot off…

Please be studying Ezekiel 38 & 39...Psalm 83...These are the coming wars we need to be watching and ready for…I’d like to encourage each of you to go back to the studies I did for March, 14, 21 and 28 called ‘Chicken Little, The Sky Is Falling”, for a more in depth study of the times we are living in.

If you want to study prophecy more, I encourage you to visit these three Ministries…

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Please keep praying for Marty & his Cousin Sammy Kent (I think I said Larry Kent in my prayer request) during this hard time and be praying for Mark McKinney as he prepares for next weeks lesson…

Your Brother In Christ
Tim Barrett

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