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The Smokey River Boys

      © 2014/2016 Smokey River Boys
      Traditional/Arrangement Copyrights reserved in full by
      William Douglas Metzgar & Robert Metzgar (ASCAP)
      Published by ® Aim High Music/Disney Music Publishing . Hollywood
      ® All rights reserved
      © Smokey River Boys O Brother Album


      In constant sorrow....all through his days

      Verse Number One:

      I.... am a man...of constant sorrow
      I've seen trouble all my day. farewell... to old Kentucky
      The place where I was born and raised.


      The place where he was born and raised

      Verse Number Two:

      For.... six long years, I've been in trouble
      No pleasures here.... on earth I found
      For... in this world, I'm bound to ramble
      I have no friends... to help me now.


      He has no friends to help him now

      Verse Number Three:

      It's... fare thee well, my old true lover
      I never expect... to see you again
      For...I'm bound to ride that northern railroad
      Perhaps I'll die....upon this train.


      Perhaps he'll die upon this train.

      Verse Number Four:

      You can bury me.... in some deep valley
      For many years... where I may lay
      Then..... you may learn, to love another
      While I am sleeping... in my grave.


      While he is sleeping in his grave.

      Verse Number Five:

      Maybe your friends think.... I'm just a stranger
      My face you'll never.... see no more.
      Now.... there is one promise, that is given
      I'll meet you on.... God's golden shore.


      He'll meet you on God's golden shore.

      Published by the
      ® Aim High Music/Walt Disney Music Company (ASCAP)
      500 South Buena Vista Street
      Burbank, CA 91521-6182
      Arrangement copyrights reserved in full by
      ® Aim High Music/Disney Music Publishing . Hollywood
      William Douglas Metzgar (ASCAP) Robert Metzgar (ASCAP)
      © 2014/2016

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