The Spiritual Path
of Feminine Wisdom

spiritual empowermentThe path of feminine wisdom is not for the faint of heart. Walking in feminine energies in a balanced way within a still patriarchial society is challenging. We need all the support we can get at times like these.

For seven years, I worked full-time as a spiritual counselor and healing facilitator. Then, Kali came, with Heyokah, and blasted my life apart. I'm in the rebirthing aspect of that painful, but necessary, ego death now. It shifted every morsel of reality I had attached myself to and that's a good thing, I say through gritted teeth.

I want still to be of service but am unsure of the way. So, I offer myself and trust that right opening will make itself known to me. What will we do? Share Sacred Space, pray together, create a safe environment for creativity, visioning and the bringing in of feminine energies for the planet. We can also share our healing gifts with one another.

Let us speak of the Way of the Sacred Moon Lodge, a spiritual practice involving isolation and focused prayer, during a woman's menstrual cycle for the purpose of visioning.

Because I spent a divinely designated segment of time (about four years) practicing a more complete Moontime Isolation than a lot of modern women can manage (and because I did it with conscious spiritual intent, eventually - ha, that's another ego death story for another time), I received valuable information for those on the Spirit Path, particularly women of Spirit.

Highly accelerated energies are affecting us on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. The years before the century turns are of unprecedented spiritual significance and a harmonious unfolding of the future depends, in great part, on the participation of Spirit Women who are willing to embody the Divine Feminine.

Mine is a non-traditional approach and presented as such. I practice a blend of Native, Christian, and Eastern spirituality and do not present myself as an authority on Native-American tradition. I humbly give all credit for the existence of such an incredible practice as The Way of the Sacred Moon Lodge to the Native-American Medicine Women and Grandmothers who have kept the tradition of the Sacred Moon Lodge alive.

Yet, my life has been so richly blessed by the integration of wonderful tools for empowerment and healing that I am happy to share what I have learned with my Relatives on the Spirit Path.

Traveling for workshops: I have less time for this than I used to have but I remain open to coming and facilitating a Women of Spirit gathering for your spiritual circle. I will be in Santa Fe, New Mexico for a few weeks soon and also will be spending the month of May in the Fort Lauderdale, Florida area so if you live in either location, and would like to host me for healing sessions or workshops, please email me.

If you'd like to receive the free Moon Lodge Visions information, please email me at neva.howell at This is also my personal email and I'd enjoy hearing from other spiritually minded women.


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Focus on beauty and health: Infected Toenails or Fingernails
What is nail fungus? This is actually a very common health condition caused by fungi that infect the areas under the toenails and fingernails. Because fungi are abundant almost everywhere, a nail fungu is very easy to catch but it can be very hard to heal.

Early signs of nail fungus include the toenails or fingernails taking on a thickened appearance. They can also be discolored.

Symptoms of a more serious nail fungus include peeling off or flaking off of the nail. If left untreated, the entire nail can just come off from the nail bed, either in one smooth piece or crumbles. The fungus has the ability to invade tissue too, not just nails.

How to avoid a nail fungus: Wearing comfortable, loose shoes, particularly when exercising and working up a sweat, can help because fungi thrive on moisture and warmth.

Avoiding public showers is another tip. Being continually used, they stay warm and moist more than personal showers and also, more people go through there and could leave behind fungi as well.

And finally, boosting the immune system can help a person ward off nail fungus attacks because the immune system is the first line of defense against not only bacteria and viruses, but fungi too.

Are there alternatives to conventional nail fungus treatments?
Thankfully, there are alternatives to the long-term and expensive conventional treatments out there but you should check with your podiatrist if you suspect you have a nail fungus.

Read about a natural remedy, one that is safe and effective, for treating fungal infections of the nails:

RX for Nails