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The role of sound in healing

meditation resourcesMaking sound is a Sacred Gift. From my early Christian upbringing, I remember the words in the bible about making a joyful noise unto the Lord. Like a lot of passages in the bible, I believe there is power and spiritual significance beyond the words. God said Let there be light and there was light.....The vibration of the voice carries energy most do not imagine. The voice can heal or wound. The vibration of words flow far beyond the saying of them and linger long in the atmosphere. Vibration is the true and Sacred power of speech and learning to speak from our center, in love, is a great mastery of the Spirit.

The results of your free card reading
You have drawn the voice card and here is your message:

There is something pressing in on you, something you need very much to articulate. You are silent instead of speaking out, at the time of this reading. Often this card will indicate hesitance due to fear of being misunderstood, or from a fear that what you need to say is so strong that reason will take a backseat to need and you will end up saying things you cannot take back and may regret.

Another frequent message of this card is when creative expression, in some form that involves the voice, is being suppressed. Perhaps it feels too bold or too exciting, not in sync with your life as it is right now or perhaps it does not match the way others expect you to behave. Still, your body vibrates to that rhythm deep within.

General Message: It's time to speak! Silence is not serving you in some area of expression now Give voice to your anger, your needs and your dreams. Risk being heard and noticed. Speak in support of your Sacred path of being and your work. Sing with the angels of your own Spirit. It will be a most irrepressible choir, perhaps strange but beautiful -- let the sound erupt! Sing in the shower, yell in the car, quote poetry, talk to yourself and your Self, whisper to the stars, and howl at the moon. The next time someone asks you how you are, blurt out the truth with no editing. Take a chance on honest communication and full expression of your emotional truth.

Whatever the goal before you now, verbal action is required. Your voice is your instrument, for bringing a new direction or healing into place. Speak now and speak with authority.

This may also be a time when you are gifted with oracular voice, to be a teacher and spiritual seer for others. Trust the messages that come through your voice. You might want to work in developing your capacity as a channel for higher knowledge.

If you have struggled with speaking up for yourself, or with saying what you really mean instead of what you think someone wants to hear, this card is an indication that continuing to do so is not wise or healthy for you. Risk speaking out, and speaking directly.

If you make your living with your voice, as a singer, radio broadcaster, reporter, public speaker or minister, an exciting new career opportunity is available now.
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Vocal Frequency Enhancers
vocal power Clear your throat chakra - A spiritually significant reason for not having the vocal power that you might like lies in energetic congestion. When the throat chakra is not open and expansive, our communication in the world suffers. Also, the frequency of the voice carries our essence and spiritual tone so if we want to speak from our Truth, we need an open, clear throat chakra to do it. This binaural beats program is designed specifically with tones that may vibrate a clearing and repatterning frequency to the throat.

Designed for singers but powerful for anyone wishing to expand their vocal range and power.

If you truly want a star quality voice, you have to approach voice like an instrument. It can either be played poorly, with no fault of the instrument, or it can be mastered and played with a stunning quality. The Vocal Release manual gives you the tools to do just that.

Arthur Joseph's Vocal Power Package - Now for the first time, you can discover the one mistake even professional singers make that drains the power from their voice... and the secret pencil trick that shortcuts your way to a voice that commands respect. How to master your natural voice in the shortest time possible... while you improve your level of communication with everyone you meet!

>Polarity Therapy Polarity Therapy is an energetic healing modality. At the heart of Polarity Therapy is the view that each individual is animated by a universal life energy. Imbalances in the circulation of life energy lead to mental and emotional distress and physical illness.