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Vibrational Energy Healing

The role of vibrational frequency in wellness

I have long recognized that the natural state of the body was one of optimal health. I understood this, even in the face of illness within my body. I knew it because I could almost always see the trail of vibrational energy shifts that had led to whatever health challenge I was facing at the time.
I knew illness did not happen to me overnight.

In fact, illness did not happen "to me" at all, but with me. However, knowing a thing and being able to change it are two different positions on the wheel of spiritual awakening.

How do we shift a vibrational frequency no longer desired? It is challenging to accept full responsibility for whatever physical reality I am living but what is the alternative, really? Being a victim to whatever happens to me? Vibrational frequency is set by thought and behavior, over time. All of us become comfortable at certain frequencies of vibration, at various times in our lives. Some of the frequencies at which we can become comfortable are not high enough to prevent disease. So, how do we shift those vibrational energies, once we recognize that they are no longer serving our physical existence in progressive ways?

I am reminded of two statements I either heard or read, somewhere along my spiritual path. I'm sorry I don't have sources for either one but here they are, probably paraphrased a bit:

You are what you think about all day long


Your body hears every word you say

We shift our vibrational energy by changing our thoughts and by changing what we speak out about ourselves, others and the world. As spiritual beings, we are uniquely qualfied to determine the rate of our own vibrational energy but it takes intent and consciousness to achieve vibrational shifts.

One of the most valuable tools I ever give those who come to me for help with healing is to help them listen to what they say about themselves, about situations and about life, in general.

By recognizing non-progressive statements...

I wish I could feel better
I just never can stick to a diet
Heart Disease just runs in my family

....and changing those to progressive statements....

I am allowing myself to feel better and better, day after day

Up until now, I've struggled with my weight and now, I am allowing my body to find it's ideal weight and release all overweight thinking

I am free of the limitations of my family lineage and learning how to keep myself and my heart healthy.

...literally acts as a message to your cells, your very dna, that healing is desired and expected.

Meditation is a great tool for getting in touch with what limits you mentally and helps you create illness instead of health.

The first thing that happens in meditation, in a mentally hampered mind, is that the very thoughts that are in need of frequency upgrades will surface and distract. Don't fight those thoughts or you will lose!

Many will try to get rid of those thoughts so they can meditate but I suggest paying really close, non-judgmental attention to those thoughts as a vital part of the meditation process.

The thoughts which surface as you attempt to let go of the mind may seem random but they are specific to what is holding you back.

Those pesky thoughts can teach you what it is that keeps you from letting go of things that no longer serve in your life. In the beginning, do away with the idea that you have to let go and meditate. Make the goal to get clear on what it is that needs to be released. Eventually, you will find that you can meditate and those thoughts will no longer bother you. this helps me to meditate more deeply.