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Spiritual Empowerment Resources for Creating
Transformative Change in your life.

Spiritual Resources - Paraliminals for Change

It's been many years now since I was first introduced to the work of Paul Sheele and Learning Strategies. I first used their paraliminal tapes decades ago but I still remember how powerful they were at that time in my life. I see learning tools and selfhelp tools as temporary boosts to areas of my focus and concentration that are hindered by personal blockage. I do not see them as something needing to be used forever. A good tape will help you make the changes you need to make to the point where you are stabilized in the new thought paradigm and then, you don't need them anymore. These are those kinds of tapes. Highly recommended.

The Ultimate You Library: Learning Strategies offers 22 different CD's for transformative change. Topics include

* New Behavior Generator click here

* New History Generator click here * The Ultimate You Library of 22 Paraliminal CDs