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Prostate Gland Protection Information
and Natural Prostate Health Remedies

How's Your Prostate Gland? ┐Cˇmo Es Su Prˇstata?

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Prostate Optimizer contains Vitamin D3, which improves cell replication of the prostate, and the antioxidant lycopene. Lycopene is a powerful antioxidant that is found concentrated in prostate tissue (Scientifically tested Lyc-O-Mato« extract). Saw Palmetto Berry Extract is standardized to 85-95% sterols (e.g., ▀-sitosterol, cycloartenol, campesterol, lupeol, farnesol and phytol) and fatty acids (Clinically tested Sabalselect«).

Prostate Optimizer also contains vital omega-3 fatty acids such as EPA and DHA, which also play an important role in keeping the prostate healthy. The Cernitin Pollen Extract present in Prostate Optimizer helps to improve urinary flow and enhance bladder function. The Green Tea Leaf Extract promotes circulation and contains powerful flavinoids called catechins, which scavenge free radicals. The SDG Lignans present in flaxseeds help to improve prostate health.

Vitamin D3 is essential for healthy prostate cell replication.

Lycopene is a potent serum antioxidant carotenoid that also concentrates in prostate tissue.

(Clinically tested Lyc-O-Mato« natural extract)* Saw Palmetto Berry Extract is standardized to 85-95% fatty acids and sterols, including ▀-sitosterol, lupeol, campesterol, cycloartenol, farnesol and phytol. (Clinically tested Sabalselect«)* EPA & DHA from molecular distilled fish oil are essential Omega 3 fatty acids and precursors to prostaglandins that contribute to prostate health.* Cernitin« Pollen Extract contains various water and fat soluble components from plant pollen and is identical to the form utilized in clinical trials to improve bladder function and urinary flow. (Clinically tested)* Green Tea Leaf Extract promotes circulation and contains potent free radical scavenging flavonoids known as catechins.* SDG Lignans from flaxseed promote prostate health. (LinumLife« Extra)*

It is common for the prostate gland to become enlarged as a man ages. Doctors call the condition benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), or benign prostatic hypertrophy. Though the prostate continues to grow during most of a man's life, the enlargement doesn't usually cause problems until late in life.

BPH rarely causes symptoms before age 40, but more than half of men in their sixties, and as many as 90% in their seventies and eighties have some symptoms of BPH.
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Prostate Gland Health:
Prostate Dr. will help:

1. Promote bladder health
2. Prevent BPH
(benign prostatic hyperplasia)
3. Promote strong, healthy
urine flow
4. Prevent male incontinence
weak,dribbling urine stream
5. Reduce pain and burning
during urination
6. Reduce swollen prostate
enlarged prostate gland
7. Strengthen immune system
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