Is it just a banana?
the Spiritual Significance of Accidents

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Are accidents just the result of carelessness, our own or that of another?

Is there any rhythm to the accidental injuries we manifest?

Life has taught me that there is significance to accidental injuries. Most of the time, I create them to either slow me down, stop me from doing something I'm not fully ready to do, or redirect me from a path I'm following.

Other times, I am certain that I have been redirected and physically adjusted by Universal Lifeforce Energies for my own good, though I may not think so at the time of the adjustment.

I do not believe in accidents. If I look closely enough, I will find some emotional, mental or spiritual vibration of similar bandwidth within myself. If I examine my thoughts and action prior to an "accident", there are always clues as to why it manifested.

Of course Freud says sometimes a banana is just a piece of fruit. It's a different take on the s#$t happens saying and suggests that everything doesn't have to have some hidden, or higher, meaning. It's one way to make up the game. For me, I like setting it up so that the Universe gives me information that is helpful to me. However, with that setting up comes responsibility and the willingness to cope with animal interaction that will respond to the call for adjustment. With animals, though, I think the tendency to assist may be inborn, innate.

I never want an animal to cross my path in a violent way but when it happens, you better believe I pay attention to the energy in me that drew it into my field. It may be that the death or violence would happen no matter what but if it happens in my near vicinity, I pay attention.

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