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the Spiritual Significance of Accidents

Are accidents just the result of carelessness, our own or that of another?

Is there any rhythm to the accidental injuries we manifest?

Life has taught me that there is significance to accidental injuries. Most of the time, I create them to either slow me down, stop me from doing something I'm not fully ready to do, or redirect me from a path I'm following.

Other times, I am certain that I have been redirected and physically adjusted by Universal Lifeforce Energies for my own good, though I may not think so at the time of the adjustment. Anchoring fifth dimensional consciousness in the third dimension requires a superior clarity on emotional, mental, spiritual and physical levels. In spiritual circles, the physical is often left out of that equation but it is the physical that makes the third dimension different from other dimensions so it absolutely must be considered.

I do not believe in accidents. If I look closely enough, I will find some emotional, mental or spiritual precursor. If I examine my thoughts and action prior to an "accident", there are always clues as to why it manifested.

Free Spiritual Information on Request: Back in 1993, I began a practice of isolating while I was on my menstrual cycle, for the purpose of visioning and prayer. This practice stems from a tradition called Moon Lodge and there were writings that emerged from my time in isolation. I have shared those writings with thousands of people since then. I recently retired the Moon Lodge Ebook but still am available for questions regarding my own blended tradition way of honoring the energies of the Moon Time.
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