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Expand the Throat Chakra

I always loved that verse in the bible about making a joyful noise unto the Lord. To me, the vibration of song has been a blessing throughout my life, from the days I sat in the pews at the fundamental church of my youth to the days I spent in ecstatic dance in the arbor at Sundance, transported by the drums and the voices of the singers.

There are people in the world who make it their vocation to help others seeking vocal training. Even if you don't feel your voice is particularly special, if you have a desire to share the timber and beauty of your own voice with others, there are certainly ways to learn how to be more confident doing that. I found this fella on the internet and started sharing his program with those who were in the acting profession. It has remained one of the more popular programs I've shared with others. You can learn to sing, and perhaps a lot easier than you might expect.

If you have an interest in expansion of the throat chakra, strengthening your voice thru vocal training, or learning to sing for whatever personal reason you might have, What are the fundamentals of singing? According to Eric, the developer of the Vocal Release Program, there are four fundamentals you must master to sing well. Eric says that once you've mastered these four fundamentals of singing, you can create an unbelievable singing voice. So here are the four fundamentals of developing a great singing voice.

Correct breathing: The correct breath for creating a great singing voice is diaphragmatic breathing. Breathing from the diaphragm is easily learned. But don't overlook this one. A strong singing voice needs strong support.

Cord adducting: That term may be strange to you. Sounds like an alien takes off with your vocal cords, but no, that would be abducting wouldn't it?

As Eric explains cord adducting.....if you can't zip up, or shorten your cords, there is no way you will be able to hit high notes in your range without pushing up chest and straining. And there is no way you will ever smooth out your bridges.

Smoothing out the bridges: If a singer doesn't master smoothing out bridges in their songs, they can end up sounding as if they are singing with two or three separate voices. Without the breaks smoothed out, a singer often hurts their voice because they don't know when to shift seamlessly to the next register.

Larynx control: Having absolute control of your vocal tone, and having the ability to make that tone full or thin as desired, requires controlling the position of your larynx while singing. This is part of the training you receive when you take the Vocal Release System.

Vocal Resonance: Once you have mastered the fundamentals listed above you will have resonance, then with the Vocal Release manual you will learn how to manipulate your resonance to create a variety of unique textures to apply to your singing.

Take voice lessons online! Create your own, personal signature voice, a voice that will set you apart from other singers. Learn how to keep from getting hoarse when singing, how to increase your vocal range and how to identify things about your voice that you don't like and fix them! <

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If you write songs or music, and have wondered how to get exposure for your work, the Indie Film market provides and excellent starting point.

Most Indie producers lack the budget of big money productions but they still want quality music and songs for their films.

This guide helps you figure out how to get your music into Indie Films.

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About Music Therapy

Music therapy, which involves the use of music as a therapeutic aid. Music therapy is gaining more and more credence in medical circles, as time goes by. I believe the vibration of certain musical notes creates healing energy.

Some of the ways music theraphy techniques are being applied includ stress reduction, relaxation and pain relief. Music therapy is also being used in nursing homes, schools and psychiatric facilities with noticable results.

If you'd like to learn more about music therapy and it's role in healing, please visit the The American Music Therapy Association

Q: Do you have to be born with a good voice or is this something that can be developed?

A: Eric says you definitely can develop your voice, just like you can build your arm muscles by lifting weights.

Q: I sing pretty good on my own....will getting lessons hurt my natural voice?

A: According to Eric, without singing lessons you are at risk of losing your voice one day because you won't know how to avoid straining it.

Q: I haven't taken care of my voice...can your system help me repair the damage?

A: Eric says the proper technique he teaches can help reverse hoarseness, a rasping voice, the strained voice and vocal cords that are swollen from misuse.