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Spiritual Healing Information

The role of sound in healing

meditation resourcesVibrational energy is a type sound therapy, as is drumming, music therapy, primal screaming, chanting, etc. Working with frequencies cuts thru the chatter of the mind and the needs of the personality self to create quicker core changes.

In the past decade or two, music therapy has begun to receive wider recognition among those of the medical community and the use of music as an aid to healing has increased greatly in nursing homes, mental hospitals and even medical hospitals. For many in mainstream society, this is the only form of sound therapy with which they are familiar.

Other forms include chanting, drumming, primal screaming and toning. I consider energetic healing a more subtle form of sound therapy as well. You may ask, what sound is made in applying Reiki? It isn't something you can hear with the human ear but anytime tissues are vibrationally altered there is sound.

Some healers use tuning forks in their practice and know which notes are needed to help move stagnant energies out and break up resistant patterns in the body. In my case, I always used toning, chanting or screaming, depending on what was needed. A specific tone, toned near the skin on the area of the body which is energetically congested can help energy move more quickly than traditional hands on work like Reiki, in many cases, though this type of sound therapy works best when combined with energetic healing.

Focus on Sound Therapy
Learn to use bija mantras for healing in an energy medicine context by training the mind to stimulate elemental energies for balancing life energy as well as activate and balance the five elements for healing

What are Bija Mantras? The word Bija means seed. The Bija Mantras are the seed sounds of each lotus pedal of the chakras which when whispered, spoken, or chanted can activate elemental energies for balancing life energy. They can be used to activate and balance the five elements for healing.

Sample Mantra:
Balancing Air and Water (Spritiual Awakening)

o tham ya

i kam cham jam tam la
e bha i cham va
ta cham jam tam ma
u kam s ya ya gham cam

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