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Facts about aging and hgh

What is Human Growth Hormone?

facts about antiaging General information about Human Growth Hormone and fact about antiaging. HGH is a natural chemical (hormone) that is produced by the pituitary gland.

Part of the work of HGH in the body involves the growth and reparation of human tissue.

HGH is produced by the pituitary gland Although we produce adequate HGH at birth and continue to have some level of HGH in our bloodstream til we die, our HGH levels reach their height with adolescence and begin to drop with each passing year. HGH, along with other hormones, facilitates the building of bone and muscle and the production of cells that help repair organs and tissues.

More facts about antiaging:

Aging and hgh levels are intricately linked. We begin producing less hgh at a fairly early age and that is literally when we begin to age. The older we get, typically, the less hgh we make until, by the time we are about 60, we are barely releasing 20 percent of the hgh we used to have available to keep us looking youthful.

Human Growth Hormone is not like vitamins and minerals, that you can supplement by eating foods high in them.

You can only get hgh by using an hgh supplement or by getting injections of human growth hormone. I definitely do not support the latter because I think the high-dose injections may be dangerous longterm.

Even taking hgh will not insure that your body gets the antiaging benefits from it. The human growth hormone you take must be converted to another substance, called insulin-like growth factors. Not all hgh supplements enable the body to make this critical conversion.

Good Health Supplements has put a lot of thought and research into this delicate hgh conversion situation.

They have developed with two products designed to work, day and night, to provide your body with the nutritional support it needs stimulate your pituitary and hypothalamus glands so that you naturally release hgh all day and night, as well as helping to strengthen your immune function, cleanse you internally, help with digestive sluggishness and improve breathing.

Facts about antiaging and the options for good sleep: One of the reasons we may look older than our physical age is that we do not sleep well. Decreasing HGH levels may be part of the reason. Other facts that effect sleep include stress, worry, dehydration and digestive processes that continue after we go to bed, if we eat too soon before retiring.

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