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My Favorite Herb Teas
to soothe, heal and relax

I love herbs. My cabinet is full of bottles of herb capsules, herb tinctures and herb teas. These are some of my personal favorites..

Ginger Tea: I love this tea because I love the taste of ginger root but also because it is so healing. It's great for indigestion and also just a wonderful warming herb for those times when I have achy joints from cold or flu. A nice cup of hot ginger tea hits the spot.

Cayenne Tea: This one might not sound good but man is it healthy. Increases circulation on those cold winter mornings, stimulates healing, and helps keep the heart healthy. In fact, the father of modern herbalism, John Christopher, says that he has stopped heart attacks with this tea.

Peppermint Tea: Another favorite, because I love, love, love the taste. Peppermint envirorates me and is also, like ginger, good for the digestive system. A nice peppermint tea after dinner is very lovely.

Green Tea: Not actually a favorite taste of mine but I drink it because of the superior antioxidant properties.

Fresh, potent, organic herbs:
Mountain Rose has an extraordinary commitment to potency and purity in all their herbal products.

In addition to bulk herbs, spices, essential oils and herbal remedies, they have a great selection of herb teas.

Also recommended: Native Remedies - Herbal and homeopathic remedies from a company with integrity.

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