Flower Essences for Conception
Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond

spiritual empowermentIn my book, motherhood is the most challenging work on the planet. Not only are you the center of the universe for those who cannot do for themselves and need round-the-clock care, many of you also work jobs outside the home.

Amazing. I don't know where you find the energy. I salute the mothers of today.

Flower Power!

I've used flower essences and gemstone essences for many, many years and am always amazed at the subtle yet often profound ways they help my body balance.

Although I am not pregnant, I have no reason to think that flower essences won't work just as well in that situation so I'm happy to offer some flower power responses to conception, pregnancy and birth, from a company I have grown to respect over the years.

Homeopathics work incredibly well with children by the way. And, since children and animals respond incredibly well to flower essences outside the womb, after birth, it makes sense that their little systems would love them while inside the womb too. I'm featuring a few of the new flower essences by NaturalEco Organic but please look at all the wonderful products they have assembled for you and your baby too, while you are there.

Trouble Getting Pregnant? Try flower power!
NaturalEco Bringforth Life Essence is created for women who are struggling to get pregnant or who have had frequent miscarriages. This essence helps to locate the sources of fear in the subconscious, allowing the creative force to blossom. By lifting deep feelings of abandonment, rejection and fear and releasing negativity, this essence helps to overcome subconscious fears of pregnancy and parenthood and allows the creative force to flow freely.

First-Trimester Anxiety? Try this:
Creation Flower Essence - Creation Essence will allow you to balance your emotional well-being, remove negative energies, open up your creative life force and prepare you with a calm yet joyful anticipation of what lies ahead.

Almost there.....third trimester support.....
Last Stage Flower Essence - Like all flower essences, LastStage Essence works with the natural vibrational energies of the body at a deep emotional level to balance and protect against vulnerabilities often found in times of transition and change.

Birthing time - Support for ease of birthing:
Eze Birth Flower Essence - Although some women find the process of labor to be a painful and harrowing experience, this certainly is not necessary. With good mental and physical preparation, strong emotional support during labor and the help of this strengthening and revitalizing flower essence remedy, childbirth can be one of the most wonderful and defining experiences of your life.

NaturalEco Eze-Birth Essence contains pure undiluted flower and gem essences of Thyme, Squash, Wild Garlic, Silverleaf, Strelitzia, Clear Quartz and Citrine. When used throughout the birthing process, it helps to integrate emotional, spiritual and physical participation in labor and delivery and to stimulate clarity of purpose and inner strength.

Now that the baby is here, welcome with essences too:
After months of floating in the quiet, calm and warm environment of the womb where the most common sound was mom's muffled but soothing voice, your baby has now been swiftly plummeted into the bright, noisy world where physical stimuli are new and sometimes overwhelming.

So much is going on around him/her that it can almost impossible to take it all in! As you can imagine, the big wide world is a lot less snug and comforting than inside your uterus and your baby must feel quite lost and scared sometimes, even though you are doing everything possible to help your baby to adjust and feel secure.

Though we don't often think about it because we can't remember our own experience, the very beginning of life must be the biggest adjustment a human being ever has to make. Made from a combination of handmade essences of specially chosen flowers, NaturalEco WelcomeBaby Essence will safely help to ease your little one's recovery from birth and adjustment to life outside the womb, giving him or her a sense of inner peace and the feeling of belonging in the universe.

Flower essences use the vibrational energies of selected flowers to effect healing within the individual and do not contain any synthetic ingredients or even natural extracts of herbs. This makes them extremely safe for use in newborn babies.

Aromatherapy Kits and Samplers
I love the kits they've put together because they are perfect for both the person well versed in aromatherapy and the person just beginning to experience the wonderful benefits of essential oils.

If you are a total beginner in the area of aromatherapy, I'd suggest the Essential Oil Sampler to start. If you know about the benefits of pure essential oils already and just want to experience the quality of Mountain Rose oils, then try the Favorites Essential Oils Sampler.
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OTCO certified organic

I love companies that believe in sustainability and caring for the earth that blesses us so bountifully with food and herbs for healing. Read about the sustainability projects that this company supports and you'll see one reason I like supporting them.

The other reason is the quality of their products. OTCO certified organic herbs and pure essential oils, proven pure through gas chromatography.

Yet another reason I like this company so much is their commitment to those who are training to be students of herbology, aromatherapy, or other healing arts involving natural plant medicines.

If you are a student of herbology, you may well qualify for a 10 percent discount on all your supplies you need for your classes. Please check the list under "Herbal Education".

herbal remediesI recommend Mountain Rose Herbs!

Get ready to discover a large selection of OTCO certified organic herbs, essential oils and bulk herbal products. Wondering about the true quality of the herbs you buy? You never have to wonder with Mountain Rose because all their OTCO organic products are also Certified OQK Kosher.

These herbals are free from ozone treatments, exposure to gasses, free from radiation and are not processed with sanitary chemicals.

When not certified organic, it is clearly marked and in those cases, all plants or roots are ethically wild-harvested.

All products guaranteed to be fresh. In other words, you'll never buy something from Mountain Rose that has been sitting in a warehouse for a long time.

They also care about who harvests the plants they sell. They actually choose employees with a love for and knowledge of plant harvesting.

All Mountain Rose herbals are handles and processed according to strict organic standards and analyzed to make sure of their identity, botanically speaking, as well as the quality of the herb.

Love organic teas? Mountain Rose has wonderful black, white and green teas. Fair trade and organic.

Make your own cosmetics! They have a wonderful selection of cosmetic ingredients - butters, carrier oils, cleansing clays, wax and more.

If you prefer buying beauty products that are already created for you, but don't want the chemicals and unhealthy ingredients, they also have a wonderful line of bath and beauty products including massage oils, aromatheraphy oils, bath salts, herbal oils and salves, hair care and bath products.

Look for their monthly specials when you visit.

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