The Spiritual Significance of
Energetic Gridpaths and Gridlines

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As do many other healers, I see gridpaths and gridlines of energy all the time.

I differentiate a little between the words because, to me, a gridline is usually temporary. For example, when two people are in an argument or deep in an intense conversation, there can be a temporary energetic connection between them which will fade when the conversation ends or the argument is resolved.

A gridline becomes a gridpath when a group of people practice connecting in a certain way, for a long enough period for the energetic connection to stabilize and achieve more actual form than a gridline would.

In addition to gridpaths of energy that are formed between groups of people as well as individual energy grids, such as those seen between family members, there are global energy gridpaths encompassing the earth and reaching far beyond our dimension. .

Energetic Connections of Support and Awareness

Group Energy Gridpaths
One example of group energy gridpaths would be the Edgar Cayce group. When I visited Virginia Beach years ago, I saw that gridpath in a meditation. It is strong. There is rigidity to it which is often seen when a group holds, perhaps, a little too tightly to a particular path of truth. It can be limiting. That type of gridpath is extremely common within spiritual faiths from Christian to Jewish to Native American. At one point in the development of a spiritual path, it is completely vital that such holding to structure exist. However, the very purpose for finding and lighting the way to a particular spiritual path to truth is so that eventually it can be shared. If it is kept past it's time, holding only to itself, then a cosmic opportunity for awakening can be hindered.

Relationship Energy Gridpaths
Every intimate relationship creates a gridpath for itself. It is an energetic way of relating to one another, nonverbal in nature and not dependent on knowing the behaviors or ways of reacting. In other words, there is one nonverbal communication skill that gets implemented when a relationship is formed that has to do with learning what certain gestures mean even if nothing is said. This is not the type of energetic gridpath I speak of. A true energy gridpath is that which allows the souls to communicate while the personalities interact. It's the purpose of a relationship, on higher leve.s

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