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Sleep Well Tonight
with nature's helpers

enzyme deficiencyI love the Enzyme Essentials products. That's why I have them on the Spiritual Resources website. I use them and I know they are good.

I keep CalmZyme around for those nights when my mind just won't be quiet. I have one of those active minds that likes to think all the time. Sometimes it is a blessing but when I'm trying to get some sleep, it can be a challenge!

CalmZyme helps me gently drift into sleep and I wake refreshed. I have tried other formulas that had valerian root but I didn't like them because, for some reason, I'd wake up in just 2 or 3 hours. I sleep longer with CalmZyme. I think it may be the enzymes that are added, in addition to the herbs, that makes it work better. Important: I don't recommend the use of any sleep aid longterm, not even a safe, natural formula like CalmZyme. If you can't sleep naturally without the help of a sleeping aid, there maybe underlying medical or emotional conditions to be dealt with and other help may be needed.

The herbal ingredients in CalmZyme are Valerian Root, Hops, Skullcap and Wild Lettuce. If you are having trouble sleeping because of pain, the Wild Lettuce will address that aspect. A lot of nights, after working on the computer all day, my neck and shoulders will be really tight and aching. If I find I can't get them to relax, I'll take CalmZyme.

In addition to the herbs, of course, are synergistic amounts of digestive enzymes. I think this is the secret to CalmZyme's success as a sleep aid and pain reliever.


The references to usage shown above are for educational purposes only. We make no claims to heal disease. If you are under the care of a doctor for any known condition, please check with your doctor before adding these or any other supplements to your daily health regimen.

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