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Effective Weight Loss Programs and Formulas

Healthy Weight Loss

No weight loss program or formula, in and of itself, will help a person maintain their optimal weight. Healthy, permanent weight loss requires a lifestyle change.

Anything short of that results in temporary loss followed by greater weight gain.

The suggestions on this page are not intended as a replacement for the lifestyle changes you may need to make. I probably don't even have to tell you what they are

1. drink more good water and make sure it's pure water.
2. Get moderate exercise 2 to 3 times a week.
3. Avoid sitting for prolonged periods and if working a sedentary job, build in walk and stretch breaks.
4. Cut out or way back on all processed foods, white flour products, refined sugar products and fast foods.
5. Be sure you get at least 6 hours quality sleep per night.

If you can find programs or meditations focused on changing how you think about food, introducing affirmations about health foods, etc, this can help accelerate your weight loss results and also help you keep the unwanted weight from finding you again because changing habits takes time and tools that help you focus on healthy behaviors should be used for months, not days or even weeks.

Most of the reasons we overeat are not conscious reasons. To help get at subconscious programming, subliminal tapes or hypnosis may be a good option.

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