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I was born in Trenton, Georgia and delivered by one of those disappeared breeds of doctor - you know, the kind that was gruff and tough love but loved all his patients and would do anything for them.

It's intriguing to me that my Mom could not recall my exact time of birth. Afternoon, she said. I always wanted to know, exactly, so that I could get an astrological chart done (careful what you ask for, wow, was that revealing!).

When I began doing psychic fairs, sometimes as an intuitive reader but more often as a spiritual healer, I recall one particular fair when I was asked my exact birthtime. I said I didn't know. The person said something to the effect that I was a psychic, why couldn't I find out. Ha. So, I thought for a brief moment before saying 2:00 pm. Exactly, they asked? Exactly, I said.

It was many months after that fair that I got confirmation on my birth time. I had tried to call that old gruffly gentle Dr. Ownsby but he had passed on. Someone told me his daughter was married to another doctor I knew and probably had his old records. I called her one day and simply asked if she could find out when I was born, which was decades ago, by the way.

She paused and in that pause, I knew she didn't think it likely after all these years. But she said she would check and, to my surprise, did it right then. She was gone some time while I held on the phone. When she came back she expressed surprise that she had been able to locate my birth file. My birth time? 2:00 pm, exactly.

Now, beyond the factual information on my auspicious (I claim it so, in spite of all the struggles, pain and challenges that came after) slipping thru the veil on Halloween (and yes, I endured all the witch jokes in high school), exactly at 2:00p.m., I rely on my Mom's recollections as to the sort of child I was. And one word comes clearly to mind. Serious. Very serious. I would spend hours, I'm told, listening the drone of the tractor out in the fields of our home in northeast Alabama and work to repeat the sound of the tractor rhythm exactly. I was an exacting presence. I still am.

My Grandmother was staunch Church of Christ so this is the religious structure of my early youth. I remember the pure joy of the acapella singing - oh, to this day I prefer it over singing accompanied by the playing of musical instruments but I also, to this day, ponder the thinking that would pose logic such as theirs on that particular subject. The Church of Christ did not allow music because they said there was no mention of music being played in the churches of the bible times.
,br>Anyway, I also have Dutch and Irish in my background and, though it has never beeen found, I believe there has to be Native-American as well because of my instant, strong resonation with those ceremonies.

Even though I was raised in a strictly fundamental Christian faith, there was a part of me that intuitively knew about spiritual truth beyond the fundamental structure of my religious youth. That intuitive knowing became conscious awareness of metaphysical realms of spirituality which helped me form the basic concepts that guide my spiritual path in 1988.

The paradox is that once I had a basic concept of greater reality, it began ever to expand and that process has never stopped. In other words, what I understand and know keeps evolving day to day, sometimes even moment to moment.

One of the teachers that first reconnected me to more of who I AM, was Rosalyn Bruyere. I admired Rosalyn's integrity, her way of communicating very complicated concepts in simple language and the scientific exactness of her "knowing". After two years of attending weekly services, working privately with healers from the church, and learning from Rosalyn in Sunday worship services and Monday night lectures, I became an ordained minister.

After that, my spiritual work was sporadic for a few years - I did some counseling, healings and readings but these were interspersed with longer periods of personal work, refinement, and healing.

Then, during a six-month Integrative Breathwork series in Chattanooga, Tennessee, with a phenomenal facilitator named Lynne Forrest (if interested in contact info, call me), the knowing of the Medicine Woman opened within me. I do not consider myself a "Medicine Woman" in the Native traditional sense, except that I know each person who works in spiritual service works "medicine", but the knowledge of those ancient ways was remembered by me during that time and that knowledge strengthens my work today.

Through the Spirit World training, visions, and energy shifts which occurred during that six-month period, I completed a process of transformation spanning many years, and set my trembling foot on the healer's path. I walk this path in daily surprise, humble reverence, and a sense of holy awe. The miracles I have been witness to, I could only have imagined a few short years before that time.

In the early days, and for the first decade or so, the focus of my work as a healer focused a great deal on "Original Essence Recovery" and spiritual acceleration, two elements of growth I consider so closely related as to be interdependent. When we are able to reclaim the original energy we were born with, we are as close to Original Source as we have ever been in this lifetime. From that foundation of self-awareness, acceleration is much easier to accomplish. Because I have personally healed the effects of a childhood where alcoholism and abuse were consistent, I was qualified to assist others in transforming their energies around childhood trauma and abuse.

Spirit used me, at that level of my own evolution, as a facilitator of release, a channel for holy Love, and a reviver of hope.

In the face of controversy about some of the information presented in earlier versions of the Moon Lodge Visions (there have been many), I was told by a Medicine Woman whose opinion is of particular importance to me: "You are doing what you are supposed to be doing, but you have not always done it wisely."

I understood. When I began writing and sharing this information with others, I rushed the skeleton out--sometimes before the "body" was sufficiently fleshed out for others to completely understand what had been written--I had to go back to clarify this topic or that. I'm not sure there was any other way--the urgency was real . . . Sentences written from an insensitive viewpoint came back to haunt me--I've modified my words along the way, to reflect a less brutal truth. Other sentences tinged with ego and/or judgment later blared into my consciousness, requiring that I make amends, so to speak, by editing.

I have made every attempt to clarity formerly unclear passages and to modify harsh pronouncements. I offer sincere apology for any offense my former words may have caused. I now strive to speak these truths in as sensitive and gentle a manner as is possible. It is my intent to harm none. It is my prayer that, over the years that I have been involved in this work, I have learned a more gentle directness.

However, I am a direct person by nature. You may beat something around the proverbial bush until you're blue in the face, but you still gotta say what you still gotta say. As with other areas of my current Earth walk, I seek balance and the middle way.

I wish to make it clear that I do not represent myself as any kind of authority on traditional Native-American ritual, ceremony or tradition. I have learned some very good things from Lakota Relatives, Christian Relatives, Buddhist Relatives, Jewish Relatives, etc.. I practice a blend of spirituality that works for me.

To learn the Native ways, look to the Elders, Medicine Men, Medicine Women and Shamans of both sexes. It is their task, not mine, to teach you such things. I share only my own experiences with Native spirituality and the ways I have integrated these ancient wisdoms into my own unique spiritual path.

I do not represent myself as an authority on the Sacred Moon Lodge either. The way I isolate differs from that of any specific tribal method. Again, if you wish to learn the traditional way of doing Moontime Isolation, seek guidance from a Medicine Woman or Native Grandmother--it is not my task to teach this.

I appreciate just knowing that such a wonderful opportunity for healing, renewal, visioning and empowerment for women exists. I am grateful that women from all walks of life and all spiritual directions can benefit from whatever way of isolation fits into their lifestyles.

I am grateful to those Native-American women who share the way of the Moon Lodge with other women, regardless of race or faith--women like Brooke Medicine Eagle. I am so grateful to the generations of Native-American women who have held the Medicine of the Sacred Moon Lodge for so long. Surviving the most oppressive conditions imaginable, these ancient teachings have once again emerged--a source of healing, power and vision for woman and, through Woman, for the world.

Focus on Healing:
Managing PMS

Did you know there are over 150 different symptoms associated with PMS, or premenstrual syndrome? If you are a woman having menstrual periods, you have most likely experienced the most common PMS symptoms like fatique, headaches, anxiety, depression, crying spells and bloating. PMS symptoms, like menopausal symptoms, are triggered by hormonal imbalances.

If you are suffering with PMS, you may want to investigate the use of natural remedies designed to support the body in it's ability to remain hormonally balanced thru your mentrual cycle.

Focus on Healing:
Menopause and Me
I confess to being ignorant on the subject of menopause til it hit me square between the eyes (as in menopause migraines) as well as other parts of my anatomy. Whew. As a wellness counselor, I have worked with women going thru menopause and over the years, I heard about some of the more common symptoms but nothing prepared me for this.

I thought puberty was hard but that was a walk in the part compared to what I have experienced in peri-menopause.

If you are a woman also going into menopause, such as myself, and struggling with it as I surely have, you may want to read about some symptoms you might not associate with menopause as well as what I've found that is helping me. I have that information on menopausal symptoms and natural approaches to menopause HERE

The Paradigm-Shifting Potential of Matrix Energetics.
Have you heard of Matrix Energetics? It's a consciousness technology presented by a man named Richard Bartlett.

Matrix Energetics crossed my path about 4 times before I finally went over to youtube and watched a few of the videos. What I saw there, as an energetic healing facilitator, blew me away.

I can't even say that I really know what I saw on the videos. I know what it looked like.

It looked like a state of spiritual surrender that I recognized from times when it happened to me. They have been few and far between.

In fact, I can count on one hand the times that, for whatever reason, my ego self simply let go and let God.

It's one of the biggest challenges we humans face....what happens if we acknowledge that we control nothing? Then, we control everything. A paradox that a survival-oriented world has trouble grasping.

I remember an experience years ago that showed me clearly that third-dimensional reality was a hologram. Yes, I know that.

However, I didn't take it all the way to the physical body.

If we are just organized states of information, as Richard asserts, then changing the state of that information could literally change the body, regardless of what has happened to it, in the form of illness, disease or even injury.

If you'd like to know more about Matrix Energetics, there is a book available on amazon.

Matrix Energetics by Richard Bartlett

You may also want to visit the Matrix Energetics section at Healthy Choices.

Being of Spiritual Service:
Those of you who know me personally also know that I was working as a full-time healer for about seven years, in the hills of Tennessee, at what was then my home. This ended in 2001.

Since then, I've had a spiritual melt-down, a reconfiguration of myself as a person dedicated to service, and a restructuring of my path of service.

This process has taken about 14 years so far and isn't yet complete.

For a long time, I thought it had to feel complete before I offered myself in service again. Today, I just realized that the struggle and the journey are important to share.

I'm offering myself to come and share, work as a healing facilitator with individuals or groups, and teach classes or workshops.

My focus as a spiritual healer changed drastically around 2001, due to the complete stripping away of all I have done previously, so the idea of sharing in a new way was pressed in on me for several years.....(linear time has always been a little fuzzy for me but now, it is basically impossible to keep up with that calendar stuff).

I came to see that the relationships we have held in the past, of healer and patient, were no longer serving. In order for each of us to come into ownership of our divine selves, roles that separate into one who needs and one who "has" miss the mark.

I am here to help one another remember who we all are.

I am here to honor the divine right of every sovereign being I come in contact with, to take entire responsibility for their own healing. Then, the role of healer shifts to facilitator of healing or some such new language.

Whatever I have to offer now may still continue to contain elements of old structure for a while, since old ways can be stubborn. However, what is inside me that has been remembered and re-integrated bears little resemblance to what I had to share before.

Healing facilitation work remains something I'm connected to and my hands still get very hot or cold when that is supposed to happen so I extend that sharing. I'm also still willing to teach energetic healing classes if requested.

I'm basically just extending myself to the universe now, and going with the flow.

If you want to make contact, here's my email:
neva. howell at gmail dot com