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		Lard? An Dinarian Death Plot.

	The recent emergence of the "lard" sectin comman parlance
is cause for worry. There have been reports of abuse and tortue. It
is impossible to say exactlt how many, this sordid case involves.
	No end is in site. I was spotted last night by the "Dinarian"
cult. Yet another blood thirsty immoral bunch of evil cutthroats, 
only in it for the sexual perversion it brings. I may not have long.
	There has been talk of Gimbernact, a holy festival. Whether I 
or any sa ne person lives to see the end, I know not. All I know on 
the subject is that I am to know noting further on it. 

	I have an potentila informant lined up. Rumours of his 
involvenmt in a multi-million pound smuggling ring haave been fairly 
unsubstantiated. Despite what the others may say. 
	He brings me news of a development every so often. He is 
trying to wheedle his way in to their confidences. And yes despite 
what ever he said we will deny ever knowing him when this goes pete 

	I look forward to when my life is returned to normal 9 til 5 
cra[, I longf to lie by the fire and howl like a dog. 


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