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The Labyrinth as a Method of Problem Solving

One of my favorite uses of the labyrinth is as a problem solving device. The three basic parts of the labyrinth are the entrance, the circuits, and the center.

Lets take a "walk" through the labyrinth and see how this works. Come with me to the entrance, pause here and think of a problem or concern. It is important that you stay open to receiving a solution. The labyrinth is entered on circuit number 3. Place your finger or cursor at the entrance and start "walking". Walk at a slow pace, not stopping until you reach the center.


Each path is associated with a feeling or attitude about the problem or concern.

I will take you through the first time with my "problem". For example, lets say I have a particular problem concerning a job offer I have received that will require me to relocate.

Circuit 3 - I will explore what "I think" about the problem.

Circuit 2 - I will explore what "I feel". What emotions do I feel about this problem?

Circuit 1 - I will explore how this problem affects me in my physical world. (i.e. money, possessions, health).

Circuit 4 - How does this affect my spiritual life? Does it aid in spiritual growth? Does it inhibit spiritual growth?

Circuit 7 - Ask your Diety of choice, or your higher self if you prefer, to walk with you. Place the problem in the hands of your Diety and be thankful.

Circuit 6 - Ask for vision - a solution to your problem. When it comes accept it without judgment. Accept the idea of a solution that you have been given.

Circuit 5 - Ask yourself, "What is the first step?" Let it come.

Goal (Center) - This is the place for just pausing and letting the solution you have been given settle in. Just be with it. This is the first half of your walk.

Circuit 5 - Look at the first step you were given with non-judgment.

Circuit 6 - Keep looking at answer you were given in a non-judgmental way.

Circuit 7 - Thank your Diety of choice, or your higher self, for giving you this awareness.

Circuit 4 - How will this solution affect your spiritual life? Will it help you grow or inhibit you?

Circuit 1 - How will this solution affect your physical life? How will it affect your body, your health?

Circuit 2 - How does this solution make you feel?

Circuit 3 - What do you think about the solution? If it still just doesn't seem like the right solution, try walking again later! You might try asking the question in a little different way.

At the entrance to the labyrinth, turn and give thanks for the guidance you received. Notice how you feel as you emerge from the labyrinth. Use the labyrinth as a helpful tool for growth!


Information used by permission from Sig Lonegren