Back to the Future...the Details
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Back to the Future...the Details

These are a few(okay, a lot)of details on the trilogy compiled and typed up by me. As you can see, the trilogy is VERY detailed. ENJOY!!!

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In BTTF I, when Marty first goes to the mall it is called Twin Pines Mall. When he first travels to 1955, he runs over one of Old Man Peabody's pine trees. When he returns to 1985, the mall is called Lone Pine Mall.

Farmer Peabody's son is named Sherman. Sherman was the name of the little boy time traveler in one segment of Jay Ward's cartoon show, ``The Rocky & Bullwinkle Show.'' The dog who owned his time machine was named Mr. Peabody.

Eric Stoltz originally cast as Marty McFly, but changed because he didn't act enough like a teenager. When Michael J. Fox was cast, his costume was completely revamped.

The ``main street'' is the same one used in Gremlins (1984).

The device in Doc Brown's lab that Marty plugs his guitar into is labeled ``CRM-114'', which was the name of the message decoder on the B-52 in Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb (1963), and the serial number of the Jupiter explorer in 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968), both directed by Stanley Kubrick.

One scene only shown in a 1990 TV was the 1955 Doc investigating his 1985 counterpart's suitcase, discovering a hairdryer and a copy of Playboy.

The dialogue where Lorraine says that when she grows up she'll let her kids do anything they want was cut, but was put in BTTF II.

BTTF II was filmed at the same time as Back to the Future Part III. In the five years since the original was made, Michael J. Fox had forgotten how to ride a skateboard.

Another deleted scene shows Marty peeking in on a class in 1955 and seeing his mother cheating on a test.

When Marty arrives in 2015, he looks in the window of an antique store, where there is a Roger Rabbit doll and a Jaws (1975) Nintendo game. Who Framed Roger Rabbit (1988) was also directed by Robert Zemeckis.

The old man who wishes he had bet on the Cubbies is played by Charles Fleischer, who did Roger Rabbit's voice.

A 1990 TV special showed some sequences cut from the film: Biff fades out of 2015 after stumbling out of the DeLorean and behind some trash cans.

Another cut scene shows that Marty discovers the destroyed Hill Valley High School

The two police officers are named Reese and Foley, which are the names that Zemeckis and screenwriter Bob Gale use for any police or government agents in the films they have written.

Crispin Glover played George McFly in the original, but was replaced by Jeffrey Weissman in Part II and Part III. There is a rumour that Glover had some emotional/mental problems which caused this.

The Editor of Hill Valley's newspaper in 1885 is ``M. R. Gale'', a tribute to trilogy screenwriter Bob Gale.

In Back to the Future Part II, Biff watches The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly (1966) in the alternative 1985, in which Clint Eastwood's character uses steel plating underneath his poncho. Marty (calling himself ``Clint Eastwood'') uses the hatch from a stove under his poncho in 1885. The sign at the train crossing in 1985 identifies the location as ``Eastwood Ravine''.

Director of Photography Dean Cundey plays the photographer who takes Marty and Doc's picture in 1885.

When Marty walks along the railroad tracks and finally reaches the town, he comes to the railway station. Then he walks into the town, while the camera slowly rises up above the station and finally shows Marty at a large distance walking into the town. This scene is shot exactly the same way as the scene in Once Upon a Time in the West (1969), when Jill arrives at the station.

The scene where Marty asks if he and Jennifer become ``assholes'' in the future was re-shot for television.

The newscaster on TV in the opening sequence is Deborah Harmon, who appeared in director Robert Zemeckis' Used Cars (1980).

The ``Mr Fusion Home Energy Converter'', which is sitting on the DeLorean when Doc returns from the future, is made from (among other things) a Krups coffee grinder.

The script never called for Marty to repeatedly bang his head on the gull-wing door of the DeLorean, this was improvised during filming as the door mechanism became faulty.

Steven Spielberg is the driver of the pickup truck that gives Marty a lift to school (well, Marty's on the back on his skateboard).

Huey Lewis from Huey Lewis and the News (who sings the song "Power of Love" for the soundtrack) is the Battle of the Bands audition judge that says, "I'm afraid your just too darn loud."

ZZ Top is the band playing at the Town Festival in BTTF III.

A different actress plays Jennifer (Marty's girlfriend) in BTTF II & III.

In BTTF I Marty doesn't think he can take the rejection he might get if he sent his band's tape to a record company. In 1955 his father has the same attitude about his science fiction stories and asking Lorraine to the dance. Even though Marty's cooler than his dad, he still has the same insecurities.

In BTTF I, Lorraine has tracked Marty down to Doc's lab. Doc says, "Quick! Let's cover the time machine!" In BTTF III, Clara is at Doc's blacksmith shop and Doc says, "Quick! Cover the DeLorean!"

In BTTF I and BTTF III Doc builds elaborate models to illustrate his plans to send Marty back to the present. With both models Doc says, "You'll have have to excuse the crudity of this model, it's not built to scale."

Doc from 1955 says Marty is not thinking 4th demensionaly. He(from 1985 in 1885)says the same in BTTF III.

In BTTF I it is 10:04 PM when lightning hits the clock tower. In BTTF III it is 10:04 AM when Doc and Marty are looking at the map of Shonash ravine. (Clock off to left, Clara also standing in front of it in purple dress.)

In BTTF III when Marty goes to 1885, the ravine is called Shonash Ravine. It is supposed to be called Clayton Ravine, but Doc saves Clara. When Marty goes back to 1985 it is called Eastwood Ravine.

In BTTF I in 1955 there is a D. Jones manure hauling truck which Biff runs into. In BTTF III in 1885 there is a A. Jones manure hauling carriage which Buford Tannen gets knocked into.

In BTTF III there is a Statler Toyota dealership in 1985. In 1885, there is a Statler horse buggy rental.

Compare the endings of BTTF I & BTTF III.

Compare the skateboard & hoverboard scenes in BTTF I & BTTF II.

In all three movies there is a Texaco in 1955, 1985, & 2015.

In BTTF II, in 2015 there is a movie called Jaws 19 on the theater's marquee. It is directed by Max Speilberg who is Stephen Speilberg's son.

Compare when Marty plays the Wild Gunman arcade game in the Cafe 80's (BTTF II) to when he shoots the targets with the Colt Peacemaker at the Town Festival (BTTF III).

Doc Brown's dog is named Einstein. This may be a vague reference to Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (1968), where the inventor of a miracle car owned a dog named Edison. Also, the train at the end of BTTF III the train sprouts fins similar to the Professor's car.

Micheal Jackson is referenced in both BTTF II & III; at the Cafe 80's, the posters in Marty's room in the alternate 1985, and Marty doing the moonwalk.

In 1885 the Saloon is on the street corner of Hill & Main sreet
In 1955 Lou Carruther's Cafe is in the same location
In 1985 there is a arobic exercising place in the same location
In 2015 the Cafe 80's is in the same location

In BTTF I, when Biff walks into Lou Carruthers' cafe in 1955 he says to George, "Hey McFly, I thought I told you to never come in here."
In BTTF II, in the Cafe 80's Griff says to Marty Jr.,
"Hey McFly, I thought I told you to stay in here."
In BTTF III, in the Palace Saloon Bufford says to Marty, (mistaking him for Seamus, Marty's Great Great grandfather),
"Hey McFly, I thought I done told you never to come in here."

In BTTF I & II, there is Mr. Strickland who is the principal of Hill Valley High School. In BTTF III, there is Marshall Strickland.

In BTTF I, the busboy who works at Lou Carruther's cafe in 1955 is named Goldie Wilson. In BTTF II in 1985 he is mayor of Hill Valley; in 2015 the mayor's name is Goldie Wilson III.

In BTTF I, the mayor of Hill Valley in 1955 is Red Thomas. He is also the homeless guy towards the end of BTTF I and in the alternate 1985 in BTTF II.

In BTTF I, in 1985 Marty stomps on the end of his skateboard to pick it up. In 1955 he stomps on the end of the kid's broken skooter to pick it up. In BTTF II in 1955, in front of the Lyon Estates sign when Marty is about to burn the Gray's Sports Almanac he stomps the end of the hoverboard to pick it up.

Compare the similarities between the picture of Marty and his siblings in BTTF I (them fading away) to the photo of the tombstone in BTTF III.

The license plate of the DeLorean in BTTF I reads "OUTATIME." There is a futuristic license on the DeLorean in BTTF II & III.

In BTTF I, the license plate falls off and spins around when Einstien (Doc's dog) goes one minute into the future. In BTTF III, the futuristic license plate falls off and spins around after the DeLorean gets hit by the train.

Doc: Marty, you've gotta come back with me!
Marty: Where?
Doc: Back to the future!
Doc: There's nothing left for me here.
Marty: Yeah, well that's why you gotta come back with me.
Doc: Where?
Marty: Back to the future!

In BTTF I, Marty is in 1955 in front of the Texaco station and buys a Pepsi. He isn't used to the old-fashioned bottle cap and tries to pull it off but can't. George opens it for him with the bottle opener. In BTTF II, Marty is in the Cafe 80's in 2015 where he buys a Pepsi Perfect. It's futuristic looking. He tries open but can't.

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