Back to the Future...the Ride
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Back to the Future...the Ride

The ride is set up as a visit to Doc Brown's Institute of Future Technology(IFT). While you are waiting in line you view videos about the Institute with some new footage and out takes from the movie. You then make it to the first holding pen and watch a video with Doc and Biff. Inside are recreations of props from the movies, the big amp Marty blew up in BTTF1, lots of flashing lights, and things Doc invented. You then proceed to pen#2, which has some hoverboards and instructions about the ride. The video of Doc and Biff continues. Somehow, young Biff gets the keys to the DeLorean. Your mission is to bump him with your DeLorean to preserve the space-time continum. You then get into an 8-passenger DeLorean, and the simulation ride begins. You go to Hill Valley in the year 2015. It looks very realistic. You also go back to dinosaur times and fly around volcanoes and exploding lava. You get to bump Biff and return to the present. There is also a gift shop at the ride. They sell such things as Hill Valley T-shirts, jackets, model DeLoreans, Hotwheels and Micro Machine DeLoreans, Gray's Sports Almanac, and numerous mugs, hats, keychains, and things. They also sell the California OUTATIME license plate and the orange futuristic California 2015 license plate. Another item is the futuristic, rainbow colored, hologram hat Marty wears in BTTF2.

Lesbian TV Series - The Judy Garland Show DVD, Are You Being Served Series 2 DVD, Prisoner Cell Block H - Best of DVD.

This is the OUTATIME license plate you can purchace at BTTF...the Ride
This is a poster you can purchase at BTTF...the Ride
"Gray's Sports Almanac"

Below are a couple of pics of the DeLorean time machine at Universal Studios Florida.

Click HERE for more pics of the DeLorean at USF.

For more info on the ride, click here.

This is a link to the biography of Douglas Trumbull, Director of BTTF: the Ride

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