Back to the Future Part IV
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Back to the Future Part IV

Thoughts on the Inevitable Sequel...

Back to the Future™ is not a simple film series. Hailed as "The Smartest Film Series of the '80s", there is not another film series in any decade that is as intelligent, logically correct and entertaining as Back to the Future™ is. There are so many little intricate details throughout the entire series, that anyone could get them all mixed up! The flow of events and circumstances fit together like a jigzaw puzzle, but hey, this ain't no kid's toy!!

Will Back to the Future™ Part IV ever happen? That all depends on you! With fourth chapters to Alien and Batman being released in the Summer of 1997, and with additional quattros in the works by the studios who own the Die Hard, Highlander, Indiana Jones, Jack Ryan, Lethal Weapon, Mad Max, and Star Wars franchises, another Back to the Future™ movie is imperative! You can help make it happen by sending your support in writing to the following responsible studios(ALSO WRITE THE FOLLOWING ADDRESSES FOR A RE-RELEASE OF THE BTTF TRILOGY! Imagine a BTTF I, II, & III widescreen version with all the cut scenes thrown in!!!)


c/o Steven Spielberg
Amblin Entertainment/DreamWorks SKG
100 Universal Plaza, #477
Universal City, CA 91608

c/o Ron Meyer, President/COO
Universal Studios, Inc.
100 Universal Plaza, #500/15
Universal City, CA 91608

c/o Casey Silver, President
Universal Pictures, Inc.
100 Universal Plaza, #488/8
Universal City, CA 91608

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After you've written the studios, and Back to the Future™ Part IV does finally get made, there's a lot of details throughout the series that must be recognized and not overlooked for consistency in the storyline. There are items from different time periods scattered all throughout the space-time continuum. It seems as if something was left behind that shouldn't have been on every time trip. If Universal Studios plans on making a Back to the Future™ Part IV, there are a lot of intricate details created in Back to the Future™...The Ride that they should be mindful of and take into consideration when producing a fourth chapter. Since this series is very consistent in retaining the details revealed in earlier installments, those formulated in Back to the Future™...The Ride simply cannot be neglected. Here's what has been established since the last movie (some of these will be common knowledge to all fans, and some will likely provoke some interesting feedback):

Twin Pines Mall is now named Lone Pine Mall. When Marty ran down one of Old Man Peabody's pine trees, the name of the mall was changed.

George and Lorraine are now successful and healthy. After Marty's intervention with them in 1955, Marty influenced George enough to write a book. George is alive and well, as his death in the alternate 1985 is reversed.

Marty owns the Toyota pickup truck he saw in the beginning of Back to the Future™.

Jennifer now knows about Marty and Doc's time travels by realizing it wasn't all just a dream. Her older self in 2015 will now know this bit of information.

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We don't know if Doc's JVC video camera and VHS tape remained at 1955 Doc's lab or not. We never see Marty bring it back with him to 1985 in Part I. Doc's metal suitcase with the hairdryer was more than likely put back into the DeLorean and returned to 1985 with Marty. Then Doc took the suitcase with him to 2015.

Marty's jean jacket from Back to the Future™ somehow ends up in the "Blast From The Past" Antiques Store in Back to the Future™ Part II. It is in the same nice condition it was in when Marty last wore it in Back to the Future™.

The accident with the Rolls Royce doesn't occur, so Marty may have never given up his career in Rock 'N Roll.

Doc's tombstone is no longer in the cemetery beside the Delgado mine shaft, as Doc doesn't die on September 7, 1885.

Clayton Ravine is now called Eastwood Ravine.

The top of Old Biff's cane, the "Blast From The Past" bag with receipt, and the blank "You're Fired!!!" Cusco FAX all remain in 1985 after being brought back from 2015 in Back to the Future™ Part II. We don't know what happened to Doc's binoculars, sleep-enducing alpha rhythm generator, first set of clothes and glasses, or the suitcase full of money. Everything except the money was probably left in 2015 since we do not ever see them again. But since the suitcase contained bills from the 1800's (1861, 1863, 1864, and 1875), we can safely assume from this foreshadowing that Doc carried this case with him to the old west.

The photo of Doc standing in front of the clock in 1885 now exists twice in 1985, one version with Marty and the other version without. Marty took the first version with him from 1955 to 1885, and then brought it back with him to 1985. Marty has both versions of the same exact photo in his hand when the train flies off into the sky at the end of Back to the Future™ Part III. It is interesting that the photo is shown in the same shot, but that we never see multiple versions of the DeLorean in the same shot in 1955 when it occupies four different places at the same time. Marty doesn't seem to realize that he holds a paradox between his fingers!

The hoverboard remained in 1885 with Doc and Clara. Marty did not bring it back with him to 1985. If we see it again, it would have been brought back by Doc when he and his family comes back to live in the present time. The manifold off of the DeLorean also remained behind.

One of the walkie-talkies remained in 1885 with Doc at the end of Back to the Future™ Part III, and the other one stayed with Marty when he went back to 1985. When Doc was zapped from 1955 to 1885, he took one with him then. 1955 Doc put fresh batteries in Marty's walkie-talkies, but somehow Marty ended up with two of them in 1955, as it appears that Doc places two units into the DeLorean. The only possible solution to this little mystery is that Doc left his walkie-talkie in the DeLorean when he buried it in the Delgado mine. Marty and Doc found it inside the DeLorean in 1955, Doc replaced its batteries, then Marty took them both to 1885.

Doc's train shirt and khaki pants from 2015 remained in 1885 with Doc as did the May 23, 1983 newspaper that headlined "EMMETT BROWN COMMENDED" when he was accidentally zapped back to 1885.

Marty's clothes from 1985 (red t-shirt and blue jeans) were taken with him 1885. His Nikes from 1985 were left in 1885, as well as his western clothes from 1955, but the western clothes from 1885 were worn back to 1985. His shirt and suspenders that he wore to 2015 were put into the Nike gym bag canister. They must have been left in the DeLorean and sent back to 1885 with Doc.

From the events in Back to the Future™...The Ride, Biff from 1955 now knows that Doc invented time travel. Biff stows away sometime late in 1955, undetected by the time travel team that went to 1955, and travels to present day in a time travel vehicle taken to 1955 by the team. At the Institute Of Future Technology, he steals the DeLorean and flees forward in time to October 25, 2015 and then back to the Ice Age in the wake of the dinosaur era. His knowledge of this fact will trickle down through the years, meaning he will learn of Doc's invention long before October 21, 2015. Whether or not Biff's death on October 21, 2015 is reversed at the end of Back to the Future™ Part II (see The Secrets of the Back to the Future™ Trilogy VHS special) his knowledge of this information could be extremely dangerous to Doc & Marty.

Doc has obviously decided not to live out the rest of his life in the late 1800's. Sometime between October 27, 1985 and May 2, 1991 Doc, Einstein, and presumably the rest of the family returned to present day Hill Valley. Doc founded the Institute Of Future Technology and invented a plethora of new creations. Doc's return to present day is evident both in Back to the Future™...The Ride and the live-action sequences of Back to the Future™ - The Animated Series.

Doc has built at least one new DeLorean, if not two. In Back to the Future™...The Ride, Biff steals what appears to be the same DeLorean that was destroyed at the end of Back to the Future™ Part III. Doc either builds an exact duplicate, or he finds a way to recover it before it is destroyed, which would change the ending of Back to the Future™ Part III. If it is the same car, the flying circuits have been repaired or replaced. The other DeLorean is the eight-passenger convertible DeLorean that can be piloted by remote-control by Doc.

Much damage has now been wreaked upon Hill Valley. Griff and his gang shattered the glass in the front of the clock tower courthouse mall in the beginning of Back to the Future™ Part II. However, three days later in Back to the Future™...The Ride, this damage has already been repaired. Then, in the early morning of October 25, 2015, the eight-passenger DeLorean crashes through a couple of signs, including Texaco's sign, and completely destroys the clock dial in the clock tower. In Back to the Future™ Part II, we see that the clock was still inoperable on October 21, 2015, and Terry is campaigning to collect money for its repair. Right before the eight-passenger DeLorean hits the clock three and a half days later, we find that the clock is now operational and displays the correct time of 3:44 AM (the actual time on October 25, 2015 according to the time circuits inside the eight-passenger DeLorean). Terry and the rest of the Hill Valley Restoration Society will be extremely upset that all their hard work was for nothing! Any time traveling to 2015 shortly following this date must reflect the damage to the signs and the clock tower. The ledge in front of the clock was also repaired in the short time span between October 21 and October 25, 2015. Doc broke the ledge in 1955 in the first movie when he was trying to retrieve the cable harness at the top of the clock tower. If the clock tower is ever shown again after October 25, 2015, it cannot reflect a broken ledge since it has now been repaired.

Jaws 19 is still playing at the Holomax. Any time travel done between present day and October 25, 2015 can show other Jaws sequels between Jaws IV and Jaws 19 being advertised on posters or television. There are fifteen sequels that must be made in the next 18 years!

Several of these items may seem to be picky little details, but in Back to the Future™, these little details can really add up! Significant details that aren't easily detected the first few viewings is where a lot of the fun lies in this series. Dates, times, locations, people, clothing, and personal property items are all of the essence in this series, as you never know when you may be re-introduced to any number of these later on in the series.

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