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Welcome to my Web site!

Hey folks, this site here is to inform you about the latest and greatest going on in Steve's life right now. If you're asking yourself who is Steve? This site is probably not for you... :-D But, if you're still intrigued... come on in and take a gander, the water is warm.


Random Thoughts

Basketball Headlines

bulletDownload my Fall 2003 Schedule
bulletOnce Upon a Time in Mexico is next... and then Matchstick Men.
bulletI updated the photo gallery
bulletFor many laughs... Star Wars Kid
bulletSign my guestbook! (Will)


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Win/Loss Record

Steve vs. Greg 7.22.2003

F 15 - 13 Steve

Steve vs. Chris 6.29.2003

G1 - F 15 - 13 Steve
G2 - F 16 - 14 Steve

Steve vs. Chris 6.14.2003

F 15 - 3 Chris

My Plans

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