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THursday before I left... 8.14. 3 on 4. I win. 4 on 4, I win. 21, I win. 3 on 3... lose.

Tuesday 8.19 2 Games of 21. Greg, Will, Steve
Thursday 8.21 2 Games of 21. Greg, Will, Devin, Steve.
Saturday 8.23. 3 Games of 21. Greg, Will, Devin, Guy, Steve. I win everything.

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We've made it to Pegasus Landing in Orlando... and today we decide to try out the courts.


So Cesar and I take a trip to Greg's today but plans change. Greg gets into the car, and we're on our way to Parkland where Arthur AKA Anthony would rather play.


Well Cesar came over with Black today and we headed out to his neighborhood to hit up the court. We would play 3 games of 21.

First game, Cesar sure had his shot on. He was looking like Steve Nash out there. I couldn't really hit anything out there for a long while. But, something got stirred up in me when Cesar hit 19 points. I decided I had to go out with some integrity. So, I managed to rail off 11 straight point to finish at 17. Cesar would score on the ensuing possession and it was game for him. 21. Black was a non-factor.

The second game would be a different story. With Steve having recently found his shot, it was over. Hitting from all over the court, and packing shots left and right. He won it 21without nary a contest. Good times.

Third game would be the same story, and not worth getting into. Cesar always put up a worthy effort and his game is definitely improving. I can see it in his ball handling out there and shooting form. Still, he's a step below the master. j/p (sort of)... :-D Anyway... Steve won. Until next time.


Greg & I at his clubhouse... one game of horse, then 1 on 1.

We begin with a game of horse. I sink shots consistently from both wings of the floor. Greg soon has H, then O, then R, then S. E takes a little bit longer. Steve acquires an H I believe. After many misses from the same spot, Steve finally sinks it, and Greg bricks. E... HORSE.

The 1-on-1 game was more dramatic. Greg kept it close throughout. I kept a lead for the majority of the game, but Greg has improved his shot and was always within 2-4 points. I hit from outside and in including a lefty hook that banked off the glass. Nice shot. As I took the game at a leisurely pace, Greg picked up the intensity. He hit 2 after 2 to take the lead 13-9. But then it was over. Steve was through playing games. He took the ball and proceeded to sink the necessary shots to win the game. 15-13. GAME.


Today my brother and I went to play basketball with Greg. We played 2 games of 21.

The first game, I took a lead early but got stuck at 14. My brother meanwhile hit shot after shot. Greg couldn't get it going at all. My brother took the game. 21.

Game 2 was a different story however. Steve got his game on and acquired many a point by hanging around the basket for put backs. His outside shot was there and there was nothing anybody could do. Steve had to win and he did it convincingly... 21.


Vishaal and I are back from our respective locations! We hit up The Court with Greg tagging along at our side and after a terrible shoot around, commenced with our first of 2 games of 21.

In this game, Steve jumped ahead with a quick 14 points. Shots were hit from all over the court as is the usual. Vishaal hammered back though from 9 down to take the lead, and power his way to 21 points of exhaustion. Taking it to the hole on nearly every ocassion. Greg did not score.

Game 2 was exhausting for many as Vishaal would quit from heat exhaustion. The Florida heat got to him. It was killer out there. Nonetheless the game would start before all this occurred. Steve would heat up again like the game prior and this time due to Vishaal's medical condition and Greg's lack of offense, Steve would light up the scoreboard. Taking this game... 21.

Note: Vishaal would later throw up. He's ok now.


Today is the day before I leave for El Salvador. We decided to go play some 21 with a few people including the likes of Cesar, Will, "Black", and new kid Arthur.

We started the first game with Arthur hitting the first shot, from then on it was brick city for him... while Steve continued with as Arthur put it... "very Kobe like" shots. Other players like Cesar contributed to their own cause, though it wasn't enough, as Steve easily put this one away with a win. 21.

The 2nd game, Arthur got his shot back, and suddenly he seemed like Ray Allen. He was on the entire game, but Steve would come back. It was close in the end as we both had 19. With Steve looking for one final shot to end it, he was quadruple-teamed, he threw up a shot, and nearly sank it. Instead it bounced off to the left... Arthur not dealing with quite the defense Steve had to endure calmly sank his patented runner to win the game 21. Steve finishing with 19.


So my bro's all like... wanna play some basketball later? I answer... "yeah." Good thing I did cause I gotta say, today was a good day. After shooting around for a bit and my brother complaining of "tired arms"... (don't know what that means)... we shoot to see who's got ball for Game 1.

I took a practice free throw and it must have been a good omen because it swished right through the net. My ensuing free throw...... swish. My brother bricked his, and it was ball for Steve. I didn't take notes during the game, but we both pretty much had our shot on.. though mine was on more than it usually is against my brother. It was helpful that my knees didn't bother me that much. It was a pretty close game through out.. the biggest difference was my brother had the lead 9-6. After that I hit a few spin, fadeaway shots.. actually put back some airballs, and laid one up to take lead. It was 13-13 when I hit my 2 pointer to win the game from the left wing. 15-13 GAME.

After a short breather, we began Game 2 with the same free throw routine. I swished mine, my brother's clanked... my ball. I started by hitting a bunch of shots in a row from around the top of the key. Hit a couple 2s, and a few 1s. I got up to an 8-1 lead. My brother fired back with a 2. 8-3. At that point, I rattled off 5 more points to lead 13-3 before my brother's shots started to fall... so much in fact... that he tied me 13-13, and then shortly after took the lead 14-13. After many defensive stops by both sides, including a block from behind on my brother's attempted layup, I manage to tie the game. At this point, we both got severely cold. After many ill-fated 2 point attempts by the both of us, one of us finally hit the game winner... the shot. Falling away from the left wing... it was Steve. 16-14. GAME.


So today Cesar, his cousin "Black", Will, and I  go to visit Kir-Wei once again. After some friend ping pong, and hitting up McDonald's again. We again visit the basketball court where I was previously so triumphant.

We shoot around for a bit then we start playing 21. It's me, Will, Cesar, Kir-Wei, and "Black." Damn, Will and "Black" sure can hustle... they're pests on the court. Once you have the ball, they get up on you... and they're quick as hell, and don't tire easily. Their hands were all over the place. Luckily though, they're short, so I was able to get off my shot with relative ease.

It was a tight game though after I took the lead early. Cesar came back and nearly tied me... and Kir-Wei too was on fire for a while. He got up to 17 points. I hit 20 early and missed the free throw to drop back down to 15. After getting back to 20 with Cesar & Kir-Wei on my tail, I missed the free throw again. Dropped back down to 15. Finally, after hitting some clutch shots, getting some well timed put backs... and having 19 points. I dropped the bomb over "Black" and it was GAME.

After a little breather, and a race to see who was fastest (Will barely won, then everyone basically came in 2nd. Very close). We started playing 21 but only up to 7. It was high drama as Cesar & I both had 6 and kept missing our free throws to drop down to 4. I relented, Cesar got to 6... and on his 4th attempt, finally hit the free throw to win at 7. GAME. That is all, that is all.


Ok... so Cesar comes over with his cousin "Black" (they insist it's his real name), we go pick up Will, head over to Greg's park where he joins us... and we start.

Of course we all warm up, shoot around... and we get a game of 21 going. 5 players... Me, Cesar, Will, Greg, and "Black." I take the lead early on of about 11 - 6. Cesar was 2nd. I continue to score even with excellent defense being played by Greg... and Will and "Black." I'm getting tired quick though, and Cesar is moving up in the world. I get to 16 when Cesar starts scoring in bunches. He's up to 12 suddenly. But I pull myself together and after trading shots with Cesar and hitting my free throw. I have 19. "Black" airballs it... I put it back up... GAME. 21.

Next we decide to play 2-on-3... which doesn't quite work out too well. It's me & Will vs. Cesar, Greg, and "Black"... they jump out to a 4-0 lead quickly. I would have continued playing as is, for I have the utmost confidence in my game... but Cesar thought the matchup was unfair and wanted to play 2-on-3 with me and him as teammates vs Greg, Will, and "Black"... so we played it that way.... and Cesar and I won 15-0. GAME. =) Until next time.


Well today my brother and I went to The Court and joined Greg there. After a little shooting around, we started 21. It was pretty tight through out as my brother and I traded shots, and Greg continued to miss for the most part. It was 15-14-4 Steve when Greg quit because the sun got to him. My brother said we should end the game there so I said ok. So.... that's where that ended.

While Greg sat out... my brother and I started a game of 1-on-1 and I just sucked. Early on I hit a 2, and later stole the ball as my brother was headed out of bounds and turned around to score the layup. But, my brother was too much as he drained 2 after 2 to win the game rather easily 15-3. This will be avenged.

We played another game of 21 and it was pretty simliar to the first game of 21 except Greg actually finished it. I hit many a shot in his grille, but my brother did me a little better once again. He won it 21-16-? something. Obviously, I had 16. And that was that. Until next time.


Happy Friday the 13th! Alright today Cesar and I went to go visit Kir-Wei and after some friendly ping-pong, and hitting up McDonald's... we went to a community park in Coral Springs to play basketball. I have a history with this court as I used to play on it with my brother and his friends a long, long time ago. The double rims are known for being putas... but in the end it would work out.

After shooting around for a little bit, we commenced in a little game of 21. I did most of my damage from the outside and from the free throw line as I hit shot after shot in the grille of Cesar or Kir-Wei. At one point, Kir-Wei made the foolish mistake of guarding me too close. I quickly used that to my advantage as I turned the corner and hit a nice floater over Cesar. When I had 18 points, I hit one final shot with Kir-Wei all up in my face and I must say... it was McGradyesque. :-) With the game on the line, and me in peril of going back down to 15. I threw up the free throw, it circled around the rim a few times and it was GAME. Another day, another victory for Steve. Cesar finished with 10. Kir-Wei with 2 respectively.

*On another note. Steve went bowling today with Greg, Will, and Devin. After having a terrible 1st game of only 62 and coming in last. It was a Cinderella story soon after. Being in 3rd place during most of Game 2. Steve reached within. Having 80 at the 7th frame, Steve stepped up to the plate to nail three strikes in a row in the remaining 3 frames. A turkey! On the bonus bowl, he nailed 7 pins to end up with a final score of 125... blowing or should I say... bowling... the competition away. :-) Quite truly a Cinderella story.


The first day of June... my brother wants to play basketball. So we head over to the home court. We start a nice little game of 1-on-1 after some shooting around. It's pretty even 'til about 8-8 then I take the lead up to 11-8. After that I couldn't stop my brother from hitting his outside shot, and he won it walking away... 15-11.

Game 2 looked horrible from the beginning. He was hitting his outside shot and I couldn't hit anything. I looked bad. He led at one point 8-1. Though during that stretch, I had a sensational rejection which he unfortunately turned into his 8th point with a jump shot. After that however I took over. I went on a scoring tear. I hit 3 2s in a row to bring myself to within 8-7. I stepped up my defense once I realized I was in it. After some tough, physical D (to my brother's shegrin) I scored the ball a couple more times and took a 12-8 lead. After that he was able to rattle off another couple of points before I sealed the deal with another 2 and a final double clutch shot. Very McGradyesque if I may so myself. :-) And that was that...


Today I went to hang out with Cesar and we ended up playing near his joint. I must say... the rims on those hoops did seemed pretty stiff. I don't think the basket was regulation either... it took me a while to get adjusted. We just shot around though... we never actually played 1-on-1. Eventually though we did play 21 with this other dude from New York... he was 29 years old. Looked like a mini-version of Goldberg. I actually did jump ahead to score 17 points with a dizzying array of spin moves, base line fade aways, and jumpers. However, mini-Goldberg came back from 12 points to win it 21. To my credit, I had played much longer than him so fatigue may have been a factor. :-) Anyway... 'til next time.


Well, today was gay. The weather was hella ugly... raining all over the place. Amazingly we were able to find the court dry. However, that only lasted about 30 minutes. My brother (Chris) and I were able to play one game of 1-on-1 and I just didn't have it today. My aggressiveness was gone. Maybe it was because the humidity was so thick you could cut it with a knife. Either way... he won it 15-9. I wasn't able to exact revenge because it started raining which left me feeling pissed off. So... until next time.


This time at McNab park, I schooled a different Greg... a 6 foot 4 Greg and taught him the meaning of "skillz." We played "pig" a variant of "horse" and I won that. We then played a game of 1-on-1. Same rules as before. I overcame my lack of height with my prowess for shooting and taking it to the hole. I won 15-13. It was a short day.


Near the KinderCare park across from Greg's house we played an interesting game where the person who made the most field goals in the least amount of attempts won. We also played 2 games of 1-on-1 to 15 by 2s & 1s. I won all the games. More exciting details later.


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