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Phoenix’s Fire

Phoenix’s Fire

Goth: It is not how you dress it is a state of mind. Good Charlotte is NOT Goth! Liking them makes you LESS Goth (in my eyes).
No You Cannot Be Both Goth And Punk At The Same Time, The Mindsets Are Compleatly Different. You Can Be One Who Likes Aspects Of The Other(Im goth but I like punk music too-it doesnt make me both)You Cannot Be Both!

Goth Is:
  • A State Of Mind not something you can wake up one day and decide to be.
  • When the meloncholy is the only thing besides love and music that brings joy to you and happiness makes you shudder in disgust
  • It is the understanding that we are already dead and that mortal death is simply a birth into something real
  • An understanding that music is life, its like breathing and is the only savior for many

  • The last dance while the walls are falling down around you.

  • I love you, lets die/cut me.

  • I love you, now lets get on with our lives.
  • It is finding beauty where others could not

  • You need that macabre view that makes the suffering of others for your enjoyment the greatest part of life.

  • A certain morbid facination with life at being able to see that everything is beautiful (which would explain why some are bisexual: beauty transends gender and stereotypes)but that all beauty must die.
  • Seeing to world in a different light, which happens to be darkness and obscured by macabre and filled with enslaving emotions and pain and a want for love that will overcome time and continue until time itself ends.

  • But Most Importantly Goth Is: Not Caring What The Fuck Others Think Of You!

    Goth Is Not:
  • An evil Satanic cult of freaks who just want attention-Most dont want any attention at all
  • Even close to the stereotypes that society has given it-True Goth is above that
  • Good Chatlotte-They are the evil posers, they couldn't be farther from True Goth, they were created by the media and they're ugly which makes them a punk band seeing as how punk bands are full of ugly men that music helps them get girls...but to call them punk is an insult to punk too, therefore they need to shut up and fucking die.
  • Manson-He is in it for shock value which goes against everything goth stands for, he is the Satanic one who gave the rest of us a bad name.
  • True Goth is not trying to be someone your not because everyone else is doing it (this is the best way to piss a Goth off-we call people like you Posers and all posers need to be murdered without mercy)

  • If you agree then thank you it is nice to know that there are still others who remember when goth was a state of mind not a fad, to those of you who dissagree...Fuck You! I don't need your poser ass fucking up my life, stereotyping me more because you want to fit in!
    If I offended you I don't care e-mail me all the threats you want it will not make any difference(It's at the bottom if you must let me know how you stand). Posers are the stereotypes and true goth is something much more beautiful than that.

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